Hanging out with the neighbors

Thursday was my birthday. I usually make a big deal out of my birthday (as those of you that follow my blog know), but this year’s fantasy was much more subtle. I will write about that another time though. This is not that story.

Wednesday I was recognized at a local drug store. That was a first. The man that recognized me just happened to be one I have had a huge crush on since I first joined fetlife and started checking out my kinky neighbors. I have always said that when I walk into a room full of dominant men, I look to see who they all defer to. That is the one I will be attracted to. I am such a domslut. This was that man. I stopped shopping. We went for coffee and a chat. He invited me to a munch the following night, my birthday, and the local club after. He runs both.

I had only been there once before, and did not interact much with others that time. I had been focused on the one I was with then. I really haven’t been active in the local community at all since I started playing with kink. One couple had soured my taste for local events. I had run into them at workshops and private parties a couple of times. Well, it was my birthday. Screw them.

I invited one of my actual neighbors to go with me to watch me get birthday spankings, and maybe even join in. Her husband was on duty that night. She agreed. We ate during the munch, enjoyed the topic (How to deal with being kinky during the holidays and around family), and then went to the club.

After actually getting to meet and visit with the people there, I was having a good time. So was my neighbor. Even without sex, “freaks like us” are usually quite interesting people to talk with. Only one other couple was playing, but I couldn’t watch. It was tickle torture, and I am a sympathy giggler. Others were teasing me about the beating I was going to get. So many eager helpers…

Then it was my turn. 46 spankings. I knew it was going to hurt. He’s been a Sadist for decades. I started to wonder if it might be too much for my neighbor. I suppose I should have thought of that before being attached to the rack. As soon as his fist wrapped in my hair though, I stopped thinking. Everyone was watching, but they faded away. I love it when that happens.

The spanking began. He got right up to my limit and kept it there. I was already starting to fly by ten, so this part of the evening is very fuzzy. I was talking throughout. There was joking. There were some screams. There was much bratting. I believe I called him an asshole for hitting a very tender spot on eleven and pulling me back. It got much fuzzier after twelve. He did ask if it was ok for another man to take over somewhere around 20, and my only response was to roll my eyes back into my head. It was taken as a yes. I remember a poor strike being counted as 29. I said “That was only 28 1/2.” 29 really hurt! Hell, they all really hurt. These guys knew how to get me to dance. He took over again somewhere in there, and finished the spankings. I think number 45 was the worst, because I wrenched so hard I almost pulled my (now very sweaty) hands out of the cuffs. And then the final blow, followed by many pinches, blood removal, and then it was over.

 I straightened, slipped my hands right out of the cuffs, pulled my dress down, tossed my hair over my shoulder, grinned a very bratty grin at the Dom, and walked back over to my friend. Judging from the reaction, that was not expected. Good. He will make sure I am completely secure next time. 😉

Tonight should be even more interesting…

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