Going through a box of 25+ year old memories I found this. The hand written “Superior” on this Deficiency Report is probably the single highest compliment ever given to me by any teacher. It made me cry. Written by a truly remarkable man, it means more than all the SATs, ACTs, report cards, or anything else school related in this box. A compliment like this from him is a rare treasure indeed. 
We both knew that book report was never going to make it onto his desk. I was 17. There were so many men and not enough time…

Philip B. Sullivan

“You, my dear, have a very unique talent. You take total bullshit and write it so well I am simply forced to give you a 100 every time against my better judgement.” 

English Literature Professor, West Berlin, 1984

Jack Longmate

“Wow. Just wow. 100.” 

English 101 Professor, Washington, 2010

The second quote is the reason I started this blog. The slutting I was already well in to in 1984…

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