Surrendering to the Wind

“Now matter how steady your course on life’s ocean, wind & waves of fate fight it. 

You can constantly readjust or run up a sail & go with it.” ~ Me. This morning.

Last month everything changed. I left a job and career I’ve had for the past three years, against my will. I left a relationship with two wonderful people I’ve had for almost two years, for many reasons, none of which are bad.

I ran up my sail. I submitted to the wind and waves.

Sounds easy, right? It is scary as fuck to not be on familiar ground!

Sometimes, though, I like scary…

Added torture from @Domworks has made this an interesting four weeks. His tasks, photos, and games are fun. Other people around him are wonderful. The location is amazing.

I feel very comfortable with him. That is, until he chooses to wrap my mind in his fist… He does understand the sub mind. Intimately. Far, far better than I do I think.

This man can scare the hell out of me, and he sets a very nice stage, mostly inside my mind…


So why, with threats of slicing me up in little pieces to fit into ziploc bags, would I go back for a second date? Give him the opportunity to do so?
Because it feels right. I am drawn there.
This is the early morning view from the St. Andrews cross in his slave quarters Friday.

“I placed one foot on the wide plain of death and some grand immensity sounded on the emptiness 

I have felt nothing, ever, like the wild wonder of that moment”
“Every human choice bows like a slave in submission to the absolute’s creative will, yet this does not deprive us of freedom or of taking responsibility for what we choose.”

~ Rumi

Something tells me I am headed the right way…

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