Hard Limits. Readjusted.

Each time I redo my Fetishes and Limits list, it changes. I haven’t updated mine in almost two years. Since just before Sir. A lot has changed. I have learned more. I have tried more. I have trusted even more deeply. And scary things become more and more intriguing…
Now I find the need to update this list again. For new people that may soon hold my life in their hands. Or not. Best to be prepared.
This is just my last Hard Limit list. Readjusted. More than half have dropped off just since last time. It’s nearly unrecognizable from the first time I filled out this list. It’s only been three years.
I wonder what it will look like next year…   
  • Asphyxiation    Still no. Breathplay to me is different. I prefer hands to plastic bags.
  • Beastiality    Still no. But apparently mindfucking me with it is now acceptable. 😉      
  • Bondage (multi-day)    No. Not talking about wearing cuffs for days. I just don’t want to be tied to anything for days.      
  • Branding    Now no longer a Hard Limit. But there would be much discussion first.      
  • Brown showers (scat)    Still no. Had enough of that at my last job.      
  • Cages (locked inside of)    Now a maybe. But there would have to be trust. Lots of trust.      
  • Cells/Closets (locked inside of)    Same as above.      
  • Chastity belts (multi-day)    Actually, that might be hot.      
  • Diapers (soiling)    I can’t say ‘never’ on this one anymore. Eventually we all get there…      
  • Fisting (anal)    Still a no.      
  • Forced bedwetting    I guess I could. But why?      
  • Forced dressing    Now I guess that would depend on the situation/scene.      
  • Injections    I do like needles, and I understand saline injections better now. Big maybe.      
  • Mummification    Ok, now intrigued.      
  • Name change (legal, permanent)    Still no. I like my name.      
  • Phone sex (commercial provider)    Still no. I’m not that good of an actress.      
  • Personality modification (RL)    Like what? Sorry, no.     
  • Piercing (permanent)    Maybe. There would be talking first.      
  • Plastic surgery    No. I don’t approve of unnecessary surgery for myself.      
  • Prostitution (actual)    Well… possibly… but probably not.      
  • Scarification    Maybe. I have seen some nice work. I have also seen some shit work.       
  • Serving as toilet (feces)    Still no. I’m sure it wouldn’t kill me. But I think I would want it to.      
  • Shaving (head hair)    Oh hell no! It’s finally getting long.      
  • Sleepsacks    I wouldn’t mind checking one out.      
  • Swallowing feces    See Serving as toilet (feces)      
  • Tattooing    Maybe.       
  • Water torture    I wonder how I would react…      
  • Weight gain (forced)    No. Not healthy in my opinion.      
  • Weight loss (forced)    Same as above.      
This one should not have to be written: Any sexual contact with minors is out. Period. Anyone that would ask that gets an immediate visit from authorities.

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