Do Not Disturb

I didn’t talk much online before my date with Sir last weekend. I didn’t tweet at all during it. And hardly at all after. I wanted to hold it close, completely let go, and enjoy something we haven’t had for months. Time alone together.

My makeup didn’t make it out of our room. We were going to a local play party. Proudly out with Sir. On the streets in my town. Wearing my collar and leash. At least most of the people out on that street were there for the sex store or the adult theater. (Wait. How does that make it any better? *squirms*)

Then we were at the party. I was briefly social and apologized in advance for forgetting their names. I said Sir was going to erase my mind. (There is, of course, that one I can’t forget. “I have a huge crush on him Sir.”)

The only rule was no penetration. (At least there. There was always across the street…)

They didn’t say no cuming.

I was beaten. A lot. There was fighting. There were orgasms. Others enjoyed watching. Others joined in. But I can’t write about that. My mind was elsewhere at the time.

The pain slut was there. I have no control over her at all. I hear she is fun. She will do *anything*. That is where I rely on my complete trust in Sir and his control.

So… *squirms* I think I will leave off there. Some things (most things) from that night are just between us.

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  1. Laurie, I really enjoy reading about your adventures, servitude, and slut life. Interacting with you on twitter is fun and I always learn something. But reading your blog and writings gives a whole other, deeper, look into your life. I like the notes telling us that you can keep some things for yourself (meaning your Sir and you). Reading about how you can let go because he will be there to allow you to let go and protect you. Thank you for sharing.
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