Deep Thought

Each week I look for a picture to post.

I love looking through my photos, old and new.

I love the memories.

This one was different though.

You are looking at it right now.

It made me look forward, not back.

That seems to be my theme this week.

The rain is coming.

The party season is coming.

My birthday is coming.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

Deep thought.

Very deep.

You know how I do birthdays.

Completely let loose.

Freely be the slut I am.

Live out my darkest fantasies.

I have a couple of ideas.

I can choose one.

Maybe two.

When I think of either, I hear music.

Actually when I think of most things, I hear music.

You may have noticed I think a lot about sex.

It sounds like porn.

Cheesy or not, you have to admire the classics.

Some of those scenes still get me off .

They were so scandalous!

Each generation thinks it has reinvented sex.

They paved the way.

Helped me to realize the slut I am.

Inspired fantasies…

I am definitely looking forward to my birthday!

I will leave you with one favorite.

The video seemed appropriate. 😉

(If you do not want to watch, you can listen here.)

Which classics do you remember?

Here is the original image and the tiling image.

Sinful Sunday
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