And now for something completely different…

I was accused of a horrible thing. “Abuse by Intimidation” of one of my patients. I was hurt. Someone I worked with either really believed I would ever harm a patient… or had other motives… I was pretty much told I was going to be fired by my boss before I even got to respond to the charges, and before she had spoken with everyone. I responded. I answered every point. I said I believed I was innocent. I explained why. I do believe the facility failed to prove intent or intimidation. But what can you do? They won’t even give me copies of the documents that back up my story. Yet.

This has been my past couple of days as seen on twitter: 


I have now been called in to work. Annoyed. And worried.

Then I thought about it. Why worry? Either way, it turns out I already knew what I was going to do. I had been thinking about it for a while.

Now I am not going in as a worker bee. I am iSlut_!

I already knew what she was going to say. I walked in and out head held high, and grinning. There are far more important things in life.

And now for something completely different. Maybe something with tips. And cleavage. 😉

(@PaperMirai good news?)
Depends on how I choose to look at it. I was fired, but thinking of going back to a past career for fun.

(@hubman38 sorry to hear about that)
It is only a job. I’ve done many things. And there’s even more I want to do.

I am good at whatever I do and did nothing wrong. I will sleep well tonight, then go get a fun job. With flirty men, tips, and no diapers.

Maybe I could learn *real* massage… Then start a private business… 😉

(@bigdickeddaddy jobs without diapers is a big plus)
Unless they’ll tip extra for that…

(@bigdickeddaddy i would get one, do you do happy endings)
How much do you tip? 😉

(@bigdickeddaddy i would tip good because i already know how good you are)
True. *licks lips* May I use you as a local reference?

So if I apply to places where I can be myself, my online presence may be a good thing.

A perfect text. Not sympathy. Support. *licks lips again & drools* “Congrats on your new transition. Give em hell. Be yourself. Have fun.”

“You are awesome.” Me: “I know. I mustn’t forget that over the next few days…”

Now for in person support. I’ve been handed beer and kidnapped.


I have an appointment today for massage therapy school. Then drop of an app at a bar after. If I go to school, the VA pays me

I can stay in healthcare. Massages usually involve less poop.

During all of this I’ve been droppy as hell. False bravado. But necessary.

Already getting a long list of people that want massages.

(@leprchaun454 do they Have happy ending?! Lol)
For these people, yes.

I am a full time college student again.

I get my own massage table. Portable. With tie points. 😉

(@19Bristol63 sounds kinky to me.)
Kinky massages are extra. Flogger anyone? 😉

(@HypnoticDragon so the decision didn’t go your way. Sorry to hear that.)
I am appealing.

(@HypnoticDragon ~nods~ I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.)
Either way I’m done wiping butts. I want more $ on my own terms.

Glad I didn’t already take my A&P class.

Massage therapists get paid considerably more than nursing assistants. I still think NAs should get paid *much* more than they do.

“Why are you interested in a career in massage therapy?” “Because I already know the healing power of human touch.”

Ya know, I never really noticed before how much energy being responsible for 12 other human beings & their every need sucked out of me…

(@lanalexxus sounds like an excellent niche to fill!)
Let’s see how I can make therapeutic massage kinky for $…

I’ve seen play parties offer massages. I could go to them all!

*whispers* Even if they hadn’t fired me, I already pretty much had decided to go back to school. I would’ve handed her my two week notice.

Thank goodness for the GI Bill. “You want to go to school and get paid to do it? Just sign right here…”

I wonder if there will be any cute boys in my class. We have to disrobe. *chuckles* I will have to purchase underwear. Class sucks, huh?

We will have to oil each other up and rub bodies. I should buy pads too.

I keep forgetting I should be all depressed about losing my job. 😉

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