The Thrill of the Chaise

I am enjoying one of the final sunny afternoons of the summer outside. It is nearly fall. Nine months of cool temps and rain. And indoor activities…

My patio is not private. At. All. Anytime I am out here, people walk by constantly. Usually I smile and chat with them. This summer I have gotten to know many neighbors while laying out.

Today was different though. I didn’t talk. I didn’t open my eyes. I lay very, very still. I could hear them walking by. I could hear if they slowed down. I could tell when the same person walked by again. And again. And again. Slower each time. Each key chain makes a unique sound.

It could have merely been a coincidence, that many trips. Or not. Maybe he was looking. Maybe he was imagining perverted things. Totally objectifying me. Or not. He could have been standing there jacking off on me for all I care.

Meanwhile, I lay there, eyes closed. I knew when someone was there. Just a couple feet away. I began to imagine what it would feel like if suddenly there were hands on me. Or if a cock was shoved into my mouth. Or any number of other depraved things.

My cunt started to throb. I could feel myself dripping. My breathing became much heavier. I had to work even harder to remain still, appear to be asleep, or at least unaware. It was reminding me of a certain salon visit. And then he would walk by again…

By the time my alarm went off to turn over on my stomach, I had to run inside for a quick orgasm. I still don’t know who it was. It doesn’t matter though. I was objectifying him too.

Back outside, tanning my back, writing this, the Marine has been by a few times as well. His key chain sound I already know. I considered asking him to take a photo for this post for me. (It isn’t easy by myself.) But I didn’t. I definitely don’t need to be taking to him right now. I am already soaked, horny as hell, and he is far too charming. And so fucking sexy. And dangerous to me… *waves at neighbor ;)*

God, I’m going to miss summer!

Update (a few minutes after I hit ‘publish’):

My neighbor. Reading this post. “Oh, by the way, I did ask for permission…” Now I am not the only one masturbating around here this afternoon. *slutty grin*
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