The Long Road

Well, I missed just Sinful Sunday last week. And this week I don’t have a lot that I am allowed to share… Well, these pictures are for me anyway. Just a glimpse will bring back the entire memory of the day. You guys will just have to wonder what I’ve been up to. Trust me. It was amazing!

It had been 56 days. Fifty-six days without any cock. At. All. And only a handful of orgasms during that time.
Why? Because I earned it. I tried to keep my whining to a minimum. I learned a lot during those 8 weeks. It was not easy. I would much rather go through bootcamp again. I needed it though… 
This week it was over. Finally. All that was between me and my date was a very long drive… with no sleep…and a deadline… across the Sound, through fields and forests, up and down mountains, around lakes… 
I was so close to my destination. Originally I had been 30 minutes ahead of schedule, but I had diverted from my orders. I had made a stop. (A decision I would make again.) Then I was running eight minutes late. I had already made up six of those.
I ended up on this road. (Thank you very much Tom-Tom for the shortcut.) It doesn’t look bad here at all. It was actually fun bouncing along. This was before my phone bounced into the back of the truck. This is before the gravel disappeared and turned into dirt, then ruts… before the road itself disappeared.
Suddenly there was no more anything. I stopped. I was looking at where a river had washed everything away. What used to be a wide trail was now in the middle of dry waterfalls. There was no water that day, but the landscape was carved into a series of steps that happened to be in my way. Just past the river bed, the trail resumed.
I couldn’t turn around. Not only I would be very, very late, I literally could not turn my truck around. There was simply no place to do so.
I wanted to cry. But I did not want to give up. I had waited long enough.
I tilted my head, trying to choose two ‘steps’ my truck would fit on without rolling. The ground was soft. My truck was already covered in mud. The poor thing is not a four wheel drive.
I did not roll. I only almost did.
I arrived six minutes late. The mud, grass, & branches stuck all over the truck explained why. I was forgiven. It was an amazing day.
Nothing can stop a motivated slut.
Sinful Sunday
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