Playing with Lightning

You know those globes with the electricity inside them? Aren’t they fun to touch? Making different patterns in blue lightning with your fingertips? I love those things… even if they don’t hurt a bit.

Imagine… being inside one. If it was safe, that would be fun.

Imagine… becoming one. All of that energy dancing inside. Invisible. Branching out. Reaching out for… contact.

Imagine… the power being turned up. Quite a bit. Now the lightning inside is a sensation… even if barely noticable.

A human plasma globe to play with. A naked female plasma globe. And this one felt wonderful.

If I put my hands flat, I could feel the ‘bloom’ of current beneath the skin, following along beneath the surface. Pet’s reactions assured me she could as well. Nothing too intense. Just energy we could feel. Together.

If I used my fingertips, currents tingled and tickled them. Almost uncomfortable… but not quite. Walking my fingers across her skin, all over her body… dragging fingers across it, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. I loved playing with the lightning. I didn’t need to see it. Pet was writhing. I felt the power.

I got toppy.

Sir grinned.

Now to make it hurt.

When I pulled my fingertips away… just a bit… the lightning followed. Sparks flew. They hurt. Both of us.


This is where many Sadists would stop the physical contact. It’s a good thing I am a masochist.

Sir turned up the power.

My hands were implemets of increased pain. Or increased pleasure… depending on the level of contact. My nipples and lips were as well.

We were both sharing the same pain… and I was controlling it.

I was loving it. Pet’s muffled sounds indicated she did as well.

Some metal implements worked as well. A D-ring on a collar had no effect. A metal clip produced beautiful arcs… and pet danced beautifully beneath it… but I could not feel the wonderful pain. A knife arced too intensely and make us both yelp, even though I was holding the wooden handle. With that one, we tried a lower setting. It was still too painful. I wonder why…

More metal items will have to be available… next time.

And I am also eagerly looking forward to being the ball. *big grins*

Before you ask, I showed the kit here.

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  1. Mr. AbsinthePassion says:

    No no no no no no no no no! No Violet Wands for me!

    But I'm glad you had fun. 🙂

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP