Over The River and Through The Woods…

… to the Big Bad Wolf’s house I went.

I didn’t get photos of my outfit hanging in shreds off of me, hanging from the ceiling… or the knife.
I didn’t get photos of me screaming, writhing, turning 360s in my restraints… fighting the pain.
I didn’t get photos of my back arching, ass raising, teasing, seeking… dancing for more pain.
I didn’t get photos of when he filled each hole, as much as I could possibly take… and then ‘just a little bit more’.
I didn’t get a picture of being unable to move, trapped by vibrators, left alone… cuming helplessly.
I didn’t get a picture of the blissful look as I flew, so relaxed, so gone… only the primal, greedy, animal me remaining.

This was all before dinner and only the beginning of a very long date. So much  pain, so much screaming, so many orgasms… And I didn’t even think about a camera… I must be doing it wrong. 😉

I did remember my camera the next day when we went out.

Now the smell of sulfur will make me wet…

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