Waiting My Turn

Waiting patiently. Flying already.

Not seeing or hearing anyone else but Sir and pet. Connected with them.

Knowing still that many were watching very intently…

I had worried a public “performance” in a non-kink club would prevent me from losing myself in the pain.

And then it was my turn.

Losing myself in the pain ended up worrying the bar that I would get them shut down.

I don’t act. But I hear I put on a hell of a show.

Isn’t she beautiful in pain?


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21 Responses
  1. kazigrrl says:

    Really, I think public sex is a kink unto itself, so I don't see how they could complain 😉

    ~Kazi xxx
    My recent post TNH: HNT Hiding in the Shadows of Yellow Warmth

  2. mrs jojo says:

    i wouldn't complain 😉
    My recent post In your shadow – Sinful Sunday

  3. frisky916cpl says:

    We wish we had the guts to go to a non-kinky venue and put on a show. Granted, our ideal show wouldn't feature a St. Andrew's Cross but rather us fucking on top of the bar. A sexy picture of what must have been a very sexy night. Thanks for sharing it!
    My recent post Last Night

  4. rebelsnotes says:

    The picture speaks a million words! Beautiful words.
    I love that this was in a public place… very sexy!
    Rebel xox
    My recent post BOOBIES!!!

  5. Hedone says:

    You look marvelous–your rosy ass sticking out, those stockings and sexy black leather boots. I'm a voyeur, I would have enjoyed you.

  6. janatwisk says:

    Ooh.. look at your ass so nice and red, this would have been a pleasure to witness.

    My recent post Sunday Morning

  7. mollyskiss says:

    She does indeed look beautiful but I don't know why but my eyes are draw to the red head kneeling at her side.

    We have played in a non-kink venue, (a swingers club) we draw a pretty massive crowd and many many compliments afterwards. I had a feeling that many of them had not seen such a display before.

    My recent post Ecstasy

  8. @GeekyNymph says:

    That looks like quite the show. 🙂 It must have been thrilling. lovely photo!

  9. Jill Boyd says:

    Wow… speechless! That looks like a good time, actually.

    x J
    My recent post Ch-Ch-Changes

  10. @TisforTMI says:

    An excellent show, indeed! I wish I could've seen that. 🙂 I was part of a performance at a non-kink club once. I was fire-whipped on a St. Andrew's Cross during a “Saturday Night Seduction” show at a local nightclub. It was more show than anything, but it was still a fun experience.
    My recent post Sinful Sunday – On the floor

  11. strandedintoronto says:

    I have been to a few such events simply as a watcher. Once it gets going, I suspect all lose themselves and forget that people are watching.

    My recent post Still Eyeing Things

  12. Vincent Vega says:

    Well THAT looks like it was a fun time!
    My recent post Sinful Sunday: Milking

  13. Mia Lee says:

    I love watching but not so much being watched. Maybe a confidence thing so well done for being brave enough to do it at a non kink venue! Great picture.
    Mia x

  14. Newt Kai says:

    I love this photo. Your expression exhibits such lust. Beautiful.

  15. Nothing like capturing the moment…perfectly.
    My recent post Polyamory…how do you define that? Part Deux

  16. So lucky, and you look so pretty in your picture.
    My recent post One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Sex Fish