The Rapist’s Eyes

I was discussing what to post today with a friend.

I will see if anything pops out at me… *opens folder*

I cruised through my folders quickly. I know what’s in there, and I know what I haven’t posted yet. There were a couple recent possibilities, but neither really ‘said’ anything to me today. This is my journal after all.

I went into my SkyDrive files to see if something older might ‘speak’ to me today. I had no clue…

It is overwhelming sometimes how many mental, emotional, and physical reactions a photograph can cause.

Disclaimer: It wasn’t *really* rape.

I haven’t seen this unedited shot in a very long time. I froze. My breath caught. My heart is pounding still. I am shaking. If you know me, you know why. If not, you can read it here, but it’s a rough ride.
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