That Moment

I am dying. This man is going to kill me with his cock. Too big, too hard, too fast. No time to adjust. Too much. Way too much. I scream and beg for him to stop. He smiles and pounds harder, lifting my leg, allowing himself deeper. Too deep. There must be blood. I fight to get away, but it’s no use. He holds me down. I keep struggling. He knows he is hurting me. He wants to hurt me. For real. He’s not playing any kinky games. He doesn’t know me and doesn’t care anything about me. This man’s eyes are evil, and he’s packing a telephone pole for a cock. He pushes my leg up even higher and splits me in two.

I scream for Sir. My safeword forms on my lips…


The tone of his voice is concerned, but stern as well. I forget everything else for a moment and look toward him. Sir is here. I am safe. But… have I displeased him?

I falter for a moment. The vivisection continues. I begin to scream again.

I feel hands. Sir’s hands. On my face. Sliding down to my neck to cradle my chin in his palms. I open my eyes. His face is directly in front of mine. He is speaking gently, his voice a low growl.

I do not listen. I begin to beg. “Please Sir, make him stop. He is hurting me. Really. I can’t take anymore. Pleeeease!”

His fingertips begin to press into my neck gently, but firmly. He continues to talk. His words lose their meaning quickly. As my vision begins to fade my world comes into pinpoint focus.

There is only Sir. And oxygen. The second is a privilege. I exist for him.

Every muscle relaxes. My arms fall outstretched, palms up. My shoulders slump and sink into the mattress.

The cock pushes deeper.

There is only Sir.

He is speaking. I think I am answering. I may not be. It doesn’t matter. I smile at him and close my eyes. Completely his.

My cunt is pounded harder.

My screams fall silent. My body relaxes. My holes open. My mind soars.

Sir watches. In that surrender even he fades away. Reality exists completely of flying and fucking.

I respond now to the cock I am impaled on instinctively. With my brain out of the way nothing stops my orgasms.

The fucking continues. I fuck back, growling.

Sir smiles and moves back behind the video camera…

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