Finding Religion

Last night Sir had a little party for me & pet…

Me, being all smart-assy… before…

Me… considerably humbled later…


Two sluts passed out cold. Sir, is that a condom necklace I am wearing?
You know those Gideon’s Bibles leave a “ɥolʎ qıqlǝ” imprint on the ass? And if Sir posing us with the Bible after being fucked senseless isn’t sinful, I don’t know what is…

Sinful Sunday
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7 Responses
  1. curvydee says:

    That is very sinful indeed. But, really – probably a better use than the bibles usually get. Nice and thuddy?

    xx Dee
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  2. mollyskiss says:

    I agree with Dee… surely the best use of a bible EVER!

    Brilliant pictures… I adore the one of you asleep on her thigh.

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  3. Hubman says:

    The bible shots are AWESOME!
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  4. Rebel says:

    Love this sinfulness!!!
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  5. Mia Lee says:

    I love the pics of you two used and passed out!
    B x

  6. KaziGrrl says:

    Love it! Really can't get any more sinful than that LOL

    ~Kazi xxx
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  7. FunforMark says:

    So, just another slow night ehh? lol