My Twitter Date

It has been a week since my Twitter date. I haven’t written about it. I even missed Sinful Sunday and Wanton Wednesday. That isn’t like me. Even the move isn’t an excuse.

It’s just a date, right? A fun filled, naked, slutty good time, right?

It’s not like it is my first Twitter date. I have met three others that I only knew from Twitter before, and written about them all, even if not identifying the men.

It’s not that the date was a bust. Exactly the opposite. There was an instant chemistry, a connection. On both sides. It was probably the most amazing blind date I’ve ever had.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t written about it. I was surprised at how intimate things got, and how quickly.

He flew in around 4:30. Allowing for time to get to his hotel and get ready, we agreed to meet at 7. I was the only item on his agenda. Sir and pet went with me, as chaperones for my safety. And, of course, for what hopefully be a fun evening.

We met, and things went well. We went back to his room. Things went amazingly well. Several hours later, he left to get back on a plane and go home.

But it’s still not over. The date has continued on. Pillow talk via direct messages and phone calls. Plans for the next time. Sweet nothings and promises of terribly wonderful things still to come.

I tend not to blog about the more intimate part of my relationships. That part is personal. Bits and pieces of what went on that night have spilled over into the public timeline on Twitter. This past #FucktoyFriday there was a personal, erotic torture for me.

I will leave you with those. Some are mine. Some are his. All make me remember… and moan…

“Trembling I am led into the restaurant by Sir. A tall man stands & I am given to him to be used as he pleases for the night.”

“A soft touch on the arm. A whispered breath in your ear. ‘Tonight you are mine.’ A shudder consumes you.”

“As the stranger slides the knife over my skin Sir watches. ‘This is very sharp. Don’t move or I will cut you.’ I moan & arch.”

“’Hold still’, you hear me say softly. The tip of the knife slips under the hood of your clit.”

“I recover from cuming hard & see you slide the knife on pet’s body now, Sir pinning her. I pull her open, exposing her clit.”

“It’s cute the way you stick your tongue out when you get that evil smile. Next time I’m putting a clip on it.”

“‘If you thread the ropes through her ankle cuffs, then pull them like *this*, they constrict her cunt. Like a puppet.’”

“The ropes bite your ankles, tied tautly to your hair. With a moan, you feel my fingers explore your cunt.”

“I hold your naked struggling body beneath me as the orgasms rip through your body.”

“A single command, ‘Kneel’. You open your mouth, eagerly awaiting my come.”

It’s not over. It hope it has only just begun.

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