Coming Out

This weekend was amazing. I have been saying all along it was like a coming out party for me. Being the way I am online and in private… but this time publicly… in full view of anyone… I am sure the story will eventually get written. I am still kind of processing it all.

It isn’t just my birthday I was celebrating. I am also celebrating two years of kink, and one amazing year with pet. One year today in fact. The story of our meeting is here.

Last night she gave me a present as I was preparing to be evilly nice to her… and she took me from mean to mushy in 3 seconds flat. It is beautiful. I will wear it proudly.

Coming out in my real life. But only for those who grasp the meanings…

I love you pet. :-*

On Sinful Sunday, it’s all about the image.
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Sinful Sunday

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