Pet’s Scene

You can listen here.

I messaged pet.

I sent you some music. Imagine the scene I might set… then listen to it… 

My friend, the one who sent me the music, saw what I wrote and messaged me.

That’s beautiful to hear. Thank you!

You’re welcome. Added bonus: The mindfuck has begun, and she is squirming even more right now…

Thank you for inviting me into your next adventure … I’m honoured!

Pet was squirming at work. But she is a good girl. She imagined her scene. She even wrote it out. It is beautiful and I want to share it.

You bind me, my arms and my legs, it is fun, this part and we joke and laugh and then my senses are removed, sight and the sounds around me.   

You feel me tremble and your touch now is gentle but I know it is part of the dance, this contrast between light and dark, soft and hard, between want and need, between pleasure and pain. 

The last thing I hear before you put the head phones on me is your deep whisper of goodbye pet in my ear, then you chuckle and I only hear the music. 

You place the ball gag in my mouth… my moans will be the only thing you will hear. 

I am left with only one sensation, touch. 

You alternate between pleasure and pain until the pain is pleasure and the pleasure torture.

She hadn’t even listened to the music yet. That was tonight, while performing Sir’s task of cuming three times. (Thank you for your help Sir.)

She’s going to listen to this music. A lot. Until I decide to use it for a scene. By then, the music alone will have her dripping… *evil chuckle*

The rhythms of “June” already do that to me… God I want to fuck to that song!!! (Thank you of course also to my biggest Twitter crush and the band.)

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  1. Molly says:

    This is an amazing line “You alternate between pleasure and pain until the pain is pleasure and the pleasure torture.” makes me wriggle in my seat.

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