Thoughts on Birthday Fantasies

Discussing some Birthday Fantasy thoughts last night to myself and with ‘the guys’…

Is it a good thing or a bad thing my birthday fantasy may be too intense for the internet? 😉
Whenabouts is your b-day again? October? Damn … That’s really not far …
Midnight on Halloween specifically.
I hope your plans work out, and I’m confident that they will. And a little scared that they will, as well …The point, eh?
Yes. That is exactly the point.
Some people like extreme sports. I like extreme sex.
How extreme is it? 1-10?
I was thinking maybe an 8.
Two years ago my Birthday Fantasy was about being a sub. Last year it was about being a slut. This year it’s the masochist’s turn! 😉
Good work. What level would you share up to with the web? For some context?
It’s not me not sharing.
Each year I have sought out ‘professionals’ to help with my birthday. This year is no different. Just fine tuning details.
Ah….you’d share whatever the number?
I have so far.
That’s hot.
That’s why I’m doing it! But for myself. No one else. 😉
So what’s put a stop this time?
Nothing yet. Just ongoing negotiations….
Well…you should do it only for yourself…I mean it’s YOUR birthday…
Exactly! My present to me! 🙂
Well there is some good stuff up on your site already, it’s better than that?
At least as good as.

 That’s it for now. No details until things get worked out. Stay tuned… 😉

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