Secrets Part 1

“About to drive. And fuck. And get beaten. Obviously Twitter has to go for now. Later! @slut_t @Dom2u2

It was one of many intentionally vague, yet deeply encrypted messages I tweeted yesterday. Sometimes I thoroughly enjoy saying things online or around people with layers of meanings. It depends on how well you know me what information you will get from my message. 
I drove. But how far? I got fucked. I got beaten. But by who? Or how many?
Why did she @ them? Is that where she went? Or was it a safe call? At least you know He was aware of what I was doing. 

“Emotional. And I’ve done about 10,000 crunches.”

What could cause that?


WTF? It is an important word. But I will leave you to wonder about that as well.
Those 24 words were the only things I said publicly last night. Or privately. You have no idea how many volumes of information they contain.
A lot of fighting, trying to buck a grown man off of me, screaming like I don’t think I’ve ever done before, and passing out are a few teasers I mentioned today. And that was just the warm up scene.
I also mentioned safewording on laughter, being silent when properly motivated, and a red ass still today. I posted a picture of a still perfectly formed cane mark.

The rest I’m not telling.  
Why not? Because either I can’t, or I just did, depending on your Slippery Encryption clearance level. 
By the way, it was completely awesome, and would make a couple of very, very hot blog stories! Too bad I’m not going to write them. 

Enjoy the picture of my eye. I know most of you guys only come here to see what am going to show in my pictures… 😉 (And I love that too!)

Why “Part 1” in the title? That too is my secret. And only mine…
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3 Responses
  1. Molly says:

    Sometimes it is what you don't say or share that can be the sexiest thing….and this post proves that theory


  2. the long bean says:

    What a tease you are, you have not held back previously.

    I hope Sir decides you need to tell us more…..

  3. kazigrrl says:

    Nothing like being wanton and teasing… though I must warn that I have a very vivid imagination 😉 and you feed that very well…
    My recent post WW & HNT: Adventures in Hardware