My Slutty Radio Debut

This morning I was driving home from work listening to my favorite local morning radio show.

When I heard the topic they were on, it made me smile.

The dating site OKCupid has come up with a list of America’s most promiscuous cities: They looked at the profiles on their site, and which cities had the highest percentage of people seeking “Casual sex” as their preferred type of relationship. Based on that, the most promiscuous city in America is our pals down south…Portland, Oregon. In second place is another city in the Pacific Northwest…yup…props to all of us here as Seattle, Washington came in at #2!!! Here’s the rest of the top ten.

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4. Miami, Florida
5. San Francisco, California
6. Dallas, Texas
7. San Bernardino, California
8. Denver, Colorado
9. San Diego, California
10. Houston, Texas

BJ Shea, the host, then asked his topic question.  

“Portland, Oregon Is America’s Most Promiscuous City… and Seattle is 2nd… based on this… be honest… are you promiscuous? In a month how many partners have you had? What is your ultimate story of promiscuous activity?”

I often want to call in on some of the topics that they discuss. Especially the sexual ones. But I chicken out. I drove, listening to some of the responses of people that called in. It seemed like the most “ultimate” promiscuous story involved a guy that had three women in within a space of 14 hours.
I grinned a slutty grin, and thought of many of the things I have done in the past couple years. If only they knew…

When I got home, I retweeted @BJShea‘s question. And I responded. 

I almost called the radio station… I can beat 3 in one day. 21 in one hour. 😉 And yay us for being Second Most Promiscuous City! 

I have done that before. It isn’t the same as calling in. Much less public. Once he even replied back. I forgot about it and started catching up on my correspondence.

A few minutes later, I got a direct message. It was him. Well, actually his intern Vicky. They wanted to call me. They wanted me to be on the radio. The later topic would be “Something people don’t believe you did”.

I thought about it. How bad could it be? There is only so much you can say on the radio, right? But sometimes BJ gets a bit judgmental. Sometimes he makes the people on the phone sound like idiots, or scum of the Earth. 

Well, I wouldn’t die. In this case, if necessary, my safeword would simply be ending the call. I messaged back my phone number. I even sent a link to the story so they would have no surprises if they cared to research it.

Then I got very nervous. Shaking nervous. Being the exhibitionist I am though, I shared the link so the Twitterverse could listen live. I got some reassuring responses there and from Sir & pet.

After a couple more messages, and a test phone call to make sure the number and I were real, all I had to do was wait. It was not a long wait, less than an hour, but it took forever.

Finally Rev called back. He asked a few last minute questions. I decided to use my real name, but did just leave my location as the “Seattle Area”. Though my town is quite large, there are some people around here I didn’t want to completely come out to. 

Waiting on hold listening to Guns N’ Roses “Paradise City” was torture. Since when has that song been so damn long? The Rev had been very nice on the phone, but what would BJ say? Christ, I had sent a link with detailed information and pictures of me fucking and sucking 21 guys…

Then I was on the air. Here is the podcast. I am on a little more than halfway through, at 21:15 of the 40 minute show.

It was short, but actually fun. If you know me though, you can hear the quivering in my voice…

I did send back another tweet. 

@BJShea Thank you for being so nice to me. And for the follow. I should warn you though, I tweet a lot & most are NSFR (not safe for radio).

They’re following me now… I hope I’m entertaining… 😉

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  1. SassyCat45 says:

    way too cool! congrats!!!