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For me Direct Messages (DMs) in Twitter aren’t an even more depraved level of brazen sluttiness. That’s what my Public Timeline (TL) is for. 😉 

My DMs are a quiet corner in a really fucking public place to enjoy a more serious, one on one conversation. Very few are invited in for a chat. 

Sometimes my DMs do leak out onto the TL. Hey, if it’s a good line, I’m going to share it!

Tonight’s was enjoyable and I thought I’d share it, lazy typing, typos, and all.

IMPORTANT: Scroll ↓DOWN to the bottom and read ↑UP. 
(I am too lazy to reverse this shit right now.)

←LEFT is the Public TL          DMs are on the RIGHT→
See you in an hour!
Of course – it’s only over DM’s because it started with your DM to me about the viddy.
may i use this conversation? publicly?
Ok. I’m going to give my attention to Mrs P for the next hour. I’ll look for you in sixty minutes.
but i *can* entertain myself, believe it or not.
i’m not tired yet
It’s a slow time of day. So – are you at home in bed again? Gonna sleep, or stay up?
i got it. slowly.
Yes, just a random time – the “shart” clip on he dvd?
27:44? Just a random time?

From last DM, a suggested title… “Slippery’s Blooper Reel: So Funny You’ll Shart Yourself!” Now I’m stifling giggles trying not to. 😉

This is true … “Slippery’s Blooper Reel: So Funny You’ll Shart Yourself! (See 27:44)”

the phrase “i shit myself” is also used to indicate intensity after “i laughed until…”
i have not yet met one, but anyone can have a shart. especially when laughing…
Is there such thing as sympathy excretors?
i am sure sympathy vomiters would react again…
Aaah yes, anal bloopers — always a crowd pleaser!
 R wasnt there filming. “serving alone
and there will always be anal bloopers…
it was not my intention, but i believe it was the intention of the gentleman… not really even sure it was caught on tape
Blessed are the sympathy vomiters, who always bring an extra mop …
32 minutes ago
Sounds like a blooper. Anything remarkable but unintended and distracting from the intention = blooper, I should think …
most people would laugh. sympathy vomiters excepted…
i’m thinking blooper. funny if it turns you on. funny to others (in a sick way) as long as it’s not them. not my favorite personally.
Depends on who’s watching, I suppose – there’s a mixed bag of fetishes on Fet …
i know
(In 20 minutes, it’s time to make Mrs P’4 coffee – no point in sleeping now!)
you know I would. is vomiting a blooper or a highlight?
Haw! I’d love to see the Bloopers uploaded to Fet!

LMAO! Thanks to a DM chat, now I want to edit my “me porn” & make a Blooper video…
A “best of”. Or even better, “Bloopers”.
Of course – you’re too busy living them! It’d be interesting to edit down to a one-hour “highlight reel” – Laurie’s Favourites …
theyre not all just me & t. I did meet him at a gangbang with a video camera in hand… (only have mine though)
yes. they are. have only seen this one though. but i have so many i havent watched them all
Good stuff. In fifteen years, you can dig’em out and they’ll all be fresh again. Of course, with sub-amnesia, they’re prolly fresh today …
of coourse.
Do you get copies as well?
one of a few videos. he started it again for the drums. and he does already.
Ah – so this is an excerpt from a much longer viddy? You folks will have a pretty amazing set of dvd’s one day …
no. it recorded the entire thing. set up on canopy rail first. webcam.
Nice that he takes such good care of his Slutophone!
Had to take a few minutes to set up the camera, no doubt …
then covered us up and let us fly for a while again
that was the end of a very, very long beating. he took a break for a while (minutes, hours, years…) & came back
Sure, both of you out in the same place together, though? Remarkable!
Mmm. I can tell he did. And yes, hitting the sticks together is usually what happens … The sluts give a much richer tone …
way out in space
told ya. if i wasnt i wouldve been laughing
Thanks for sharing that. Wow – y’all were pretty amazingly non-responsive.
he said he used to play
i will tell him you noticed. i wouldve been hitting the sticks together or myself
His ‘traffic control’ is really good – pretty intricate patterns here and there without getting his arms tied up in knots.
honestly i wouldnt know from watching that, but i know you would
 R’s a drummer, too!
i thought you might
Captain Pissgums
Watching a viddy first …

well, goodnight to you then too.
Captain Pissgums
… And she’s gone back to sleep.

Captain Pissgums
Some Mondays are easier than others …

cool. i chose to come home.

Captain Pissgums
Me too – but Pup is up, so we’re emailing …

thought you were going to bed

Captain Pissgums
That was it? Half an hour and you got sent home? Aw jeez …


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