I was so spaced this weekend I only remember bits. Maybe these things I remember being said will make sense later.

You complain the men use your mouth & don’t fuck you more. You do it to yourself by sucking cock so damned well.”

“I am going to completely let go Sir. I won’t be aware if something goes too far and unable to safeword.”

“Just one more slut. But it’s a big one.”       

“I may not have lost *that* virginity this weekend, but I did lose a couple others.”       

“I think I just agreed to be a case study for research on sadomasochism. Cool!”

“I stand corrected.” Me: “Yes you do, *and* you admitted it.” “You will pay for that.”      

“You aren’t on craigslist again, are you Sir?”       

(You may notice I’m not actually saying anything about my weekend…) 😉       

“Is that a smart-assed grin?” Me: “Yes. Yes it is.”       

“At least there’s no dogs.”

“Thank you for hurting me.”

“Am I the only one that looks at that chair & wonders what it would be like to be tied face down ass up on it?”

“He held you and I took you hard.”

“I’m cleaning his room.” “Good slut.” “No, good sub. I would stop for cock. That’s a good slut.”

“Do you need any help carrying her?” “Nah, she’ll get up eventually.”       

“You want me to meet you at a rest stop?”       

“Why in the hell did I just say that out loud?” Lots of times…       

“That park’s bathrooms are individual locking rooms Sir.”       

“Farm animals? And what in the hell is a goat trick?”       

“I would prefer to serve you in more twisted & demented ways Sir, but I will do that.”

“The longest one has to go in my cunt.”

“Let me know now if there’s anything I can’t do with him.”

“How on earth did You put a mark there?”

“Sir, when did this toy get put in?” (much later)       

“Did I take it all this time?” Him: “No, I still have one more inch for you.”

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