Her Defiance

A guest blog post and a very hot story from @juancafe13. 🙂
(A couple weeks ago a pretty little slut asked me “What would you do if I showed up at your door with a leash & some condoms?” My twisted mind produced this story from that simple question).
The sound of a doorbell echoed throughout the house at precisely 7:30 pm. He calmly finished reading the daily news allowing the bell to sound four more times. After five full minutes he folded the paper and rose.
He opened the door to reveal a short but stunningly beautiful brunette dressed in a school girl’s outfit. He nodded his approval after eyeing her from head to toe.
“You must be little Lynn” he politely asked.
“Well duh who else would I be” was her quick reply.
The evil inside him quickly awoke and peered out. She must have seen the fire in his eyes because her head immediately bowed. Her Master had mentioned her recent defiant streak and this was one of the reasons she was here. 
Before she could consider an escape he snatched a handful of her hair and yanked her into the house. Her back slammed into the wall as the door clicked closed. A small yelp was heard as the breath was knocked from her lungs.
Buttons flew everywhere as he yanked her white blouse open. Her large breasts were proudly displayed in a tight leather corset.  She just slightly flinched as he brutally smacked each one with a large hand.
He then kicked her feet apart spreading her legs wide. The plaid skirt she wore barely covered her crotch. He was pleased when he reached underneath finding her cunt bare per his request. She uttered a small gasp as he roughly shoved two fingers up into her. Her muscles gripped his digits trying to pull them deeper.  The hunger of her body caused a small smile to play across his face.
Once again her defiance showed as she looked up into his eyes. Like a flash of lightening his hand flew, backhanding her. The powerful blow knocked her from her feet. Grabbing her hair once again he literally drug her into the front room. His own wife\slave was knelt next to his chair awaiting an order.
When he released her in the middle of the room she immediately moved to a knelt position with head bowed. She had been trained well and seemed willing to please. He had been hard for hours as he planned these evenings’ events. He wanted release before the next step in his game. 
Like a perfect little whore her mouth opened when she heard his zipper. Her eyes opened even more when she saw his throbbing member. Now he was no porn star but he was well above average.
Without a word he guided his throbbing manhood into her willing mouth. Grabbing her head he proceeded to forcefully shove his entire length down her throat. She gagged and tried to pull back but he held her firmly in place. Once his balls touched her chin he just stayed still, starving her of air. It took over a minute before she started to struggle. He waited another 15 seconds then pulled out allowing her to gasp loudly.
Not giving her much of a break he shoved his cock back into her mouth and began to fuck her pretty face hard and fast. Before long her mascara ran down her cheeks from the tears in her eyes. Snot bubbled out of her nose but she didn’t struggle a bit as he had his way with her.
It took about ten minutes of furiously pounding his thick cock in and out of her mouth before he was ready. He pulled out and while stroking his shaft shot his load of thick cum all over her upturned face.
Then he calmly zipped himself up before looking to his wife and ordering “Clean her”. She quickly crawled over, wearing nothing but knee high stripey socks and began to lick up his spunk. When the slut’s face was clean the two women exchanged his load in a deep passionate kiss.
He allowed the very heated kissing to go on for a while before growling “Enough”. His wife returned to her place while the slut looked like she was going to say something but changed her mind at the last second.
He grabbed her by the neck and easily picked her to her feet. He then led her to his chair and bent her over the back. Her wrists and ankles were swiftly tied giving her almost no movement.
He ran his hands over her full ass while taking in the view of her exposed fuck holes. He smacked each ass cheek three or four times with enough force to move the chair. She cried out a bit louder with each crack of his large hand. Then he pushed two fingers into her cunt again while a third entered her tight puckered hole. Her cries turned to moans when he bumped her clit. In less than 3 minutes he felt her body convulsing in orgasm.
Pulling his fingers from her he said “Orgasming without permission is unacceptable”.
“But Sir I didn’t know” she stuttered.
A sadistic smile crept on to his face of course she didn’t know but that hardly mattered. He snapped his fingers loudly and two ginger plugs were quickly placed in his hand. His wife had shaved them into shape earlier after being told of his intentions. He filled both of the slut’s holes with the pungent root then wiggled them around some to make sure she felt the full effect.
Her body was trembling from the severe burning but she defiantly remained silent. He looked over his assortment of handcrafted impact toys and then chooses a single tale whip cut like a viper’s tongue. She flinched at the first touch of the leather tip cracking her flesh. She was crying by the fifth lick and screaming by the tenth.
Then her body did that magical thing that only a true masochist’s could. The pain turned to pleasure and now the only sounds she made were moans of that said pleasure.
He next picked a cane and proceeded to welt her backside and thighs for the next 20 minutes. Her body was now a beautiful collage of red and purple marks.
She did not move when he undid her restraints. Her mind was too far gone to be able to formulate the thought process of standing and walking. So he threw her over his shoulder like a rag doll and carried her into the bedroom.
His wife was already waiting when he flopped the slut down on the mattress. “Play with each other” he said. Then he sat down in a chair with his camera and laptop. His plan was to take some photos but to mostly act like he was ignoring them.
After about ten minutes both were nude and were heavily making out. His wife asked “May we cum Sir?” He granted them unlimited orgasms with a wave of his hand. Then the action got really heated and he found it increasingly difficult to act like he was ignoring them.
So he got up and began taking close up photos of the perfect kissing, the nipple sucking, and the licking of each other’s cunt. It was all so erotic that his manhood began swelling again.
So after stripping down he climbed onto the bed. He touched, squeezed, licked and bit all the beautiful flesh before him. He then hardcore fucked each slut in turn. Before he shot his load his cock felt the inside of all three holes on both women.
Finally the three lay tangled together enjoying the feel of their own bodies and the feel of the other bodies touching them.
The slut snuggled into his chest and said “Thank you for reminding me of my place Sir”.
“Anytime but we aren’t done yet” he growled with a dark smile on his face.
But that is another story.
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