Serving Alone

Getting nervous but excited. 1st time serving strangers (to me) for Sir w/o him. Wondering how an engine hoist comes into this. O.o

Sir had a task for me. To serve two men for him. Originally he was supposed to be there as well, but life occasionally interferes with kink. I had to do this alone.

Both Sir and one of the men spent the days before messing with my mind. Not that I need any help with that. I seem to do a really good job of that myself. I was going to walk in and submit for use, let these strangers do whatever they wished to me.

Prepared and inspected by one Dom to serve 2 others for Sir. Garter, corset… This drive is a total mindfuck! Thank you Sir! :-*

The day had come, and I got ready at a Dom friend’s house. It would have been hard to explain the outfit, collar, and leash to my kids… or my neighbors including the minister that lives below me. With my outfit, I wanted there to be no doubt what my purpose was. Believe me, there wasn’t.

My friend enjoyed tormenting me as I dressed and put on makeup. As if I wasn’t already feeling subby enough, his comments (and hands) helped set my mood. I was a bit nervous, but still feeling pretty brave.

As I began my drive, I was excited. I was getting cock. This was hot! Then the fear hit. What if they didn’t like me? What if I didn’t like them? What if this all went horribly wrong? What if, what if, what if… They were strangers after all.

All I could do was take a deep breath and trust Sir. He wouldn’t give me to someone that would harm me. I  hoped. No, he wouldn’t. I kept driving. I started to shake.

Trembling and soaked. Going to hand them my leash & a dozen condoms. I figure that’s a good icebreaker. 😉

I was to serve them as I would serve Sir. I had a task to complete. I could do this. I would make him proud.

Keep pulling over to compose myself. Trying to at least appear confident. I am so nervous but so hot! Don’t know when I’ll be back.

Putting on a brave face didn’t help. Slipping into my subby mind didn’t help. I was still balking at this task. Sir being there would have made everything easier. It always does. How was I going to do this? I knew how.

I acknowledged my fear. Embraced it. Used it. And then there was that rush, that full sensory awareness and energy I have enjoyed before. That primal survival mode is a very unique kind of high. It also, for me, enhances sex and puts my mind in a place I can not begin to explain.

I had arrived. I walked up, rang the bell, and handed the leash and condoms to the man that answered the door. He led me inside. I was treated like a complete whore and well used.

Hours later I sent one last tweet for the day. I still had five more on my daily limit of ten, but was too sore and exhausted to manage more than this:

I am a happy girl! Goodnight. 

I was a very content little slut!

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