This is a true story. I have never written fiction. Before I even get started I want to state that I am talking about rape with at least some tiny bit of consent. There has to be an element of nonconsent to qualify as rape for me, the more the better, but I am not talking about actual rape. I do know the difference. Been there, don’t want to go back. This is consensual nonconsent. I am a submissive, masochist slut. I get off HARD crossing that line on so many different levels!
“Been thinking a lot today about favorite shipboard memories… ;)”
This is my current status on my “vanilla” facebook. Only certain people can see it. The ones that will read it and smile about those same memories.

One of them did smile at me today. He made me all squirmy and wet years later as easily as if he were here with me. I call him my friend to this day. This is his story.

I was in the Navy a few years ago, and stationed in Italy on a ship. I spent many nights onboard, even in homeport. Underways, duty days, and the fact that I lived 50 miles away meant I spent more nights with the guys that lived on the ship than with my family. 
And being a good sailor, I spent many nights out getting drunk with the guys before turning in. That is if I wasn’t out with one or more of the ones I was fucking. Those nights I often spent in hotels.
One dull weekday evening, I was back on the ship early. I was tired, not getting any cock, a little buzzed, and I was going to shower and go to bed.  I did need to stop by one of my lockers on the way to get something. It was in one of the secure spaces my division had. Even on the rare chance someone would be in there, it would be one of our guys. No fun there. 
I fooled around a lot on that ship, but never with anyone I worked for or who worked for me.  Not that I didn’t think about it. Oh, god I thought about it a lot, especially with that one super hot & sexy guy that worked for me. Even though the Navy had specific rules about that, that wasn’t what stopped me. I just knew fucking people you work with is usually a really, really bad idea.
Very heavy doors
I had to go through several heavy watertight doors to get to the space and enter a code on the cypher lock on the last one to get to my locker. My stuff was very secure. I kept my laptop and valuables in this locker. I  punched in the code, then lifted up the heavy bar to undog the door, jumped in, and pulled the bar back down. I was now locked in a watertight and soundproofed room. And I was not alone.
Of course it was Mr. Super Hot & Sexy using the computer. That was ok, though. We were friends. He thought I was cool, yet still insisted on calling me “Mrs.” with my last name instead of Petty Officer. It made me feel old. Well, that and the fact that I was 16 years older than him and could have a son that old. Even though we had some interesting talks, I never had any clue that he thought of me as anything other than a mother figure. 
I said “Hi” and he looked up at me and smiled. He had the absolute sexiest smile. My mind flickered to sex for a second, but I shoved that thought right back out. It wasn’t the age. Several of my lovers were his age. He worked for me. I was professional in my office. No. Period.
Really him. Yum!
I looked back at him and instantly knew he had caught that flicker. He smiled more. I was embarrassed and turned toward the lockers. Time to get my stuff and get to bed. Maybe to masturbate about him. But get out of there. Quick!

I walked around a double row of lockers to mine and was effectively trapped from the exit by him when he followed me. I started to chat about something stupid to cover my nervousness and arousal.

“I want to fuck you” he said. “And I know you want it to.”
“No” came out of my mouth instantly. There was no internal struggle for that answer. I meant it. I would not sleep with him. Even if he smelled so good, and the skin over his rippling muscles looked so soft. “I can’t. You work for me.” I knew I couldn’t use the ‘married’ card. He knew I fucked around.
He smiled and grabbed my arms, pinning them straight out against the lockers. He looked me right in the eye. I was begging him to stop. Please. No. He moved in slowly and silenced me with his mouth, invading me with his tongue. I was caught way off guard. I melted into the kiss for an instant, then began struggling. He was much stronger and pinned me with his body to free his hands. They groped me roughly and I struggled more, protesting into his mouth. He undid my jeans and reached inside. I was drenched.
I still think of him when I see lockers.
He stepped back, looking at me. Smiling that damned smile. Even though I was released, my arms were still outstretched as if he still held me there. I was panting. He slipped his shorts down and freed his cock. It was beautiful and huge. I could not look away. He waited. I did not move. 
He moved toward me again and grabbed the waist of my jeans. A final “No” escaped my lips. He yanked them down roughly, parted my thighs, and rammed his cock all the way in. I was soaked, but he was huge and it hurt. I came hard, screaming, instantly. He started to fuck me roughly, slamming me into the lockers, hand over my mouth pinning my head. I began to orgasm constantly (not a common thing in those days), and was fucking him back with everything I had. 
When he finally came, it felt as if I was going to explode from pleasure. He withdrew, pulled up his shorts, and walked out. I was left there dripping cum, panting, sliding down the lockers to the floor, still with my jeans around my ankles. 
I stayed there for a few minutes trying to figure out if I had just been raped or not. And either way, this was going to change things at work.  I realized it was possible for someone else from work to come in and find me in that state. I got up, pulled up my pants, and went straight to my rack. 
I masturbated myself to sleep there, with my fingers playing in his cum…
We fooled around quite a few times after that, and all but one of them would fit into my “rape” category. So many great memories… God I wish I were on the east coast right this minute!
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  1. mollyskiss says:

    Bloody hell woman, this story made my pussy twitch and my clit throb……. The act of being 'taken' does it for me everytime. Thanks for sharing

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  2. G&N says:

    You orgasmed multiple times while he was using you and then you masturbated to the thought of being used as a fucktoy. i bet you masturbated once more today while typing the lines above…. the question is how come you resisted being used in that ship by anyone who got hard… Nice story slut.

  3. Wow I am with Molly… nice and thank you! 🙂
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  4. @xntrickk says:

    You do have some great stories.

  5. @QuietDaemon says:

    Mmm, this slice of savage lust, what a delicious memory.