Mental Masturbation

I just love chats that get my brain going…
Friend: Hey there!
Me: Hello
Friend: How are you? Besides tired
Me:  Horny. Lol! Seriously, very good. Happily serving a new Master.
Friend:  That sounds good!
Friend:  A good arrangement for meeting many of your needs?
Me:  Many. Most.
Friend:  Tell me about your needs today!
Me:  Mmm…
Me:  Didn’t have an ulterior motive.
Me:  Just wanted to talk.
Me:  But now I’m thinking
Friend:  That’s totally good with me too
Friend:  I missed our talks on all topics
Me:  I think I have masturbated my clit off (and tortured myself with Ginger) in the past couple days. Lol!
Friend:  Frustrated lately? Or just in the mood for it?
Me:  Not frustrated. Getting lots always makes me want even more.
Friend:  I see. And your new Master? Does he really turn your submissive crank?
Me:  He turns all of my cranks. Sometimes all at once. Sometimes one or two. Not always ‘subby’ with him, but always serving. Did that make sense?
Me:  But he can take me there in an instant.
Friend:  Hmmm curious…. not always subby….. so always submissive, but not necessarily direct sexual overtone?
Me:  Yes. I get toppy around T, even pushing him away. He either tolerates it, or corrects me. Or sometimes just an all out slut.
Me:  A top/bottom/sado/maso/slut/woman randomness. Never know what to expect.
Friend:  You are a handful….
Friend:  But so very much fun
Me:  He brings the sides out. He chooses my path.
Me:  I hear I am fun.
Me:  Ride the slut.
Me:  Lol!
Friend:  Here’s a question…do you think you experience as much fun and pleasure as you provide?
Me:  I feel guilty because I get so much more!
Friend:  Good! Well, not the guilty part… that you get a lot!
Me:  100X more
Me:  I can mindfuck myself quite well too. Sometimes in wonderful ways.
Me:  Enhance my own experience.
Friend:  Interesting…. what have you been mentally exploring? Makes me curious!
Me:  I just feed on my own subbiness. Sometimes creeps out at work. Kneeling & applying lotion to feet, bathing, serving the patients sometimes kicks it off. Not good there.
Friend:  Heheh that’s fine…. I do tend to over think, but I find it fascinating.
Me:  But in the right place. With other naked people, very nice.
Friend:  I think I get it…. sort of luxuriating in the mental state where subbiness takes you.
Me:  It’s not all mental though. It’s chemical.
Friend:  Chemical as in hormones, or recreational assistance?
Me:  My fear/adrenaline rushes, the pain endorphins, can be enhanced mentally. Recreationally too, even if only wine. But often herbal.
Friend:  Or just how actions trigger brain wiring?
Me:  Both
Me:  Each feeds the other. Can be manipulated. I can get to subspace easily now
Friend:  Kinda seems how fetishes both develop and mutate based on experience and mental focus
Me:  Just decide to fly early & low, or wait and build up to a really big wave.
Friend:  In all seriousness, have you considered writing a book on this? You must have been approached about it by now.
Me:  Mental focus. Good phrase. Meditation. Evolution.
Me:  Um. No.
Friend:  Does that interest you?
Me:  Experiencing it interests me. And I think about it a lot. Write some. In that order.
Friend:  I would never phrase it as a “responsibility” but you are uniquely gifted and experienced to be able to write about this.
Friend:  Of course, there goes my over thinking again…
Me:  I like your brain.
Friend:  I love how you said that the same way you would compliment a cock… LOL
Friend:  I take it as a compliment!
Me:  No. I would have said “love” with cock.
Friend:  LOL!
Me:  Priorities.
Friend:  Yes I have missed you!
Me:  *smiles*
Friend:  Ahhh but what is rarer…. an attractive mind, or an attractive cock?
Me:  Both in one is rarest.
Friend: Touché
Me:  Finally snuggled in bed.
Friend:  I am picturing you… it pleases me
… And then the conversation went on for a while, but you’re probably not interested in that part… I wasn’t doing much typing… 😉
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