Juicy Details

“Where are the juicy details from all the fun you’ve been having? You’ve hinted, but not blogged.”

This question was in my formspring inbox today. I didn’t answer it right away. I wanted to think about it. I have my reasons.

I have been doing a lot lately. But other than mentions in tweets or my Wanton Wednesday posts, I haven’t written much at all. So what’s different now? Sir is different.

For the past month and a half, I have been an owned submissive. I see Sir as often as possible, and I have fucked other men too, both when with him and without him. I have been thoroughly enjoyed being used fully as a slut. But this is still all so new.

He and I are developing our relationship. We are learning each other. We have had some misunderstandings, but talk through them. Public fucking and live webcasts aside, it feels very intimate, personal, private. And maybe I am afraid I will curse myself if I share too much.

There is another person involved too. Pet is now serving Sir as well. He and she are evolving in their own relationship, too, and it is different than what He and I have. I have intentionally pulled back so as not to interfere. It is kind of hard when I don’t have her to chat about him with, but that wouldn’t be fair to anyone. Nobody likes being in the middle unless everyone is naked.

So back to the original question. Where are the juicy details? I promise I will work on blogging more often. And since so many things I do lately have been recorded, maybe put a few more pics or videos up.

Hmm, pet and I are supposed to play Naked Twister this weekend with Sir as the Sadistic referee. Sound like that may be a fun blog entry… 😉

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  1. I will patiently wait… By the way I changed blogs a while ago from sinfulsophia.wordpress.com to a notaperfectlife.wordpress.com
    Long story
    My recent post While he watches