*I had some homework this week. This is part of it.

“Tell me what you will bring to the table for me, in becoming my sub.”

Well, we had an unusual meeting. You got to see and sample the physical & sexual things I offer first.
In addition, I offer the rest of me, more than just holes.
·         My personality, which I would hope is at least tolerable.
·         My thoughts, some of which are as evil as yours.
·         My feelings, to better help you Dom me.
·         My “vanilla” skills & talents, which are varied.
·         My mind, to torment. 😉
·         My friendship, as well as old and new friends.
·         My obedience, or progression toward it.
·         Feedback, like it or not.
·         Attitude and smart-assed remarks occasionally, sorry.
·         My body, your canvas, to practice with as you wish.
“Also what you expect from me as your potential Dom.”
·         To be willing to learn with me as opposed to just teaching to me.
·         To push my limits, test my mind, challenge me while keeping an eye on me.
·         To care for me as a person.
·         To understand Doms have safewords too.
·         To be aware I will make mistakes.
·         To share your thoughts and feelings with me.
·         To be my friend as well as my Dom.
·         To ask questions.
“Why do you want me to be your Dom?”
I guess the first answer would be to why I want a Dom again at all. I do miss that extra connection with that one man. There is a difference for me between being submissive with someone and completely submitting to One. I have written about it before. It is very difficult to explain. The past eight months have been fun being an independent sub, but I need more.
As to why you, specifically, appeal to me as a potential Dom… Hmm… This has been the hardest part to answer. It’s just a feeling. You intrigued me from the start. You saw how I took the very first chance I could to show off for you. Hell, you have the video. The time I have spent with you since has only made that stronger. You have gotten under my skin and into my head. I crave you now. No organized, bulleted answers here because I don’t have a reason. I am just following my instinct.
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  1. mollyskiss says:

    I really like what you have written here….. the points you have made about what you will bring to Him and in return what you hope he will bring to you are honest and well thought out. They realistic to me. As for instinct…….. it's all we have really at the beginning, learning to trust it is an achievement in itself.