Guest Dom

*Just because I can’t torture pet this week doesn’t mean I can’t get a friend to do it… And do it so damned well… *sigh*

Greetings, slut! Do you recall who I am?

Yes, Sir this slut does.

Good! I have a message for you from Slippery.
You are to apply all of your accessories: plug, cream, clips.

Yes, Sir. Thank You for giving me Her message, slut will do as she is told.

Good! I am going to be tending to other things for a bit; but in the meanwhile, I want you to think about how much I’m going to enjoy directing you for my pleasure

Yes Sir, thank You.

It pleases me to know you will be remembering your place, and that thought will get you ready for me to enjoy.
Back now to tend to you… I assume you followed directions from your Mistress.

Yes Sir, i did.

It’s been a while since I tormented you for my pleasure. Tell me, slut: does your body react at this thought?

Yes Sir, it does. slut remembers how well You used her before.

You are filled with your plug, and your accessories are reminding you that you are to be directed, used and enjoyed. Your breasts, your mouth, your cunt, your ass. They are there for the pleasure of others.   
You should be grateful that this brings you pleasure as well, because we would use you whether it did or not. Do you understand?   

Yes Sir, i confess that this slut has been thinking selfishly lately, and has been impatient.   

You do also understand that even if you wished to please yourself, your greatest satisfaction comes from being used, and not on your own terms. True?

Yes Sir, i do understand that, it is true.

I wish to enjoy your reactions.
You are at work, yet surrounded by reminders of your slut nature
Only a true slut responds well to this humiliation.
You feel that strange mixture of pride and humiliation, and your body responds accordingly.
Tell me how your body and your reactions remind you of who you are.   

my cunt throbs with desire and heat, i can feel the wetness seeping out. i removed the clamps after 40 minutes and my nipples are hard, aching to be touched. my ass is filled, but would, with grateful thanks take the cock of whoever it was given to.
Sir, i will be right back. work issues.   

Understood. Let me know when you can return.

slut is back Sir.

Would you like to know how I am imagining using you?

if You wished to tell me, then yes Sir slut would

Your words remind me that I haven’t given a good ass- fucking in some time.
And the thought of filling you with my cock pleases me.
Has your Mistress ever provided you a picture of my shaft?

no Sir, She has not.

do you have the ability to see web pages if I link them here?

Sir, i would not be able to view it on my work computer. if You email it, i can view it from my phone, i think as either an attachment or on the web.

is your email (edited)?

Yes Sir.

I enjoy the thought of you picturing me as I tell you what I wish to do to you.
You have mail.
I am picturing your throbbing, needy slut self.
I wish to come up to you at your desk, and lightly caress your cheek, as I whisper that I intend to you use you.
Have you viewed the picture?

this slut was able to view the pic, it would not work on her phone so she snuck a peek from her desk. i *kneel* to say that Your cock is beautiful, i would be honored to worship it

I would like to add you to those who have growled with pleasure over being filled with it.
I would stand behind you at your desk, and run one hand up into the hair at the back of your neck. I would grab your firmly by the hair, and lift you to standing.
This thought makes your cunt throb, does it not?

Yes it does, my breath catches in my throat, my ass grinds itself into my chair.

Good! It pleases me to know your reactions.
After somewhat roughly shoving you toward the door with my grip in your hair, I would release you.
“Take me to where I will use you. You lead, as you know best your own workplace.”
Have you been used at work before?  Or only teased?

i have not been used here, only teased on im and twitter.

I know you have pictured where this could be done, where you could be taken and used properly.
As soon as you were out of immediate view, I would push you up against the wall. You would feel my hard body against you, the swollen bulge of my cock against your ass.
The threat/promise of what is to come makes your knees weak, and your cunt gush.
“It won’t be long now. I want to use your holes”
Are you wearing pants?  or skirt?

pants Sir

While we stand out of sight, I reach around you to loosen your pants with one hand. With the other, I turn your head so I can whisper in your ear “Your ass will be mine!”

i say yes Sir, my ass is Yours i try to say out loud but it comes out as a hoarse whisper.

I slip one hand down the back of your slacks, and cup your ass HARD as I push you against the wall again.
“Now take me where I can use you!!”

i take you to a rarely used restroom with a back storage room attached. the thought of being used here is both exciting and degrading.

That’s perfect. This is just how you should be used. Once again, your reaction proves it.
I follow you to the restroom. You look up at me, and I see the excitement and embarrassment on your face.
Your face is flushed because you have been craving some hard usage, and you are trying not be too eager.   
Your breathing is getting labored now, isn’t it, slut?  In RL?

yes Sir it is. i want to touch myself….

If you can manage it without detection, do it. Tell me how your pussy feels.
If you cannot, squeeze your thighs together and enjoy what pressure you can apply,

swollen, hot, wet. it throbs with a need for release.

Would you like to cum dear, little slut?  This thought pleases me…
but not yet.
I would open the back room door, and shove you into the storeroom. I am eager to enjoy you, and the huge bulge in my pants lets you know.
“On your knees, and you hands behind your back!”
Your mouth is starting to water now in RL isn’t it?

yes, very much

The image of my rock hard cock fills your mind.
I open my pants, and carefully lift out my swollen cock. It hovers, twitching just in front of you.

my mouth opens, and my eyes try to tell You how much i want….

Touch yourself again slut. Now.
You are slippery wet and throbbing.
I give you just a bit of the head, you lick the groove underneath. Purplish, velvety soft yet hard.
I reach behind your head, and slowly push your head down over me.
There’s just barely enough time to get accustomed to the size without gagging.
You struggle, but I enjoy your struggle. Your warm mouth covers me
You gasp for breath, as I whisper “Good slut” and my body twitches.
“I’m not patient today” I growl as I pull your head back off me.

i whimper

I lift you roughly to your feet again, and spin you around.
Are you touching yourself?  I want your orgasm. I want to reduce you to a shuddering, sweating, quivering, wet, ball of need today.
I’ll not proceed any farther until you respond.
What a shame… soon I will have to go, and you may be left tortured.
Ahh… til another time. Work schedule is not your fault, I am not displeased. However, you and your needy cunt will have to wonder exactly how I have imagined using you, until I can tell you another time.
So grind your ass in frustration, and sit in your slippery panties. I will enjoy this vision. TTYL, slut!

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