Fucktoy Friday 8 (Distracted)

*I figured I should put this up since it is already the next Friday in parts of the world. I was distracted last weekend and most of the week… 😉
Photo: That whore @SlipperyWhnWhet showing what she is good for #FucktoyFriday 

Photo: A Red Ass and Hitatchi in her cunt, @SlipperyWhnWhet is a Favorite Fucktoy. #FucktoyFriday

This one is @slut_t. 😉 Red smiley… RT @FTFMaster: @SlipperyWhnWhet is a Favorite Fucktoy. #FucktoyFriday

Enjoying my costume for Saturday, @slut_t poses. #FucktoyFriday
“pet had another amazing night with @SlipperyWhnWhet. now going to work with #FucktoyFriday written on her ass, its going to a squirmy day :)”
Schoolgirl cuffed and tied to table. Spanked. Exposed. Ready for their use. Hot! Squirming thinking about this! #fucktoyfriday
I am sorry I won’t get your first load. “Oh well. You will get my 2nd 3rd and 4th.” *squirms* #fucktoyfriday
Photo: FucktoyFriday Need I Say More. thank you @SlipperyWhnWhet 
To clarify, it’s @slut_t. 😉 “@FTFMaster: #FucktoyFriday I hope that flogger tagged @SlipperyWhnWhet’sasshole!”
@FTFMaster I was loving using that “;)” on @slut_t’s #FucktoyFriday tag as a target. Tried to wipe that big smile off with my new crop… 😉
Shopping for panties & other things for my schoolgirl outfit, kept thinking about @Minxgrrl… 😉 And imagined being pounded tomorrow in it!
@SirTortuga I also picked up a tie for my costume. Smiled at your #fucktoyfriday tweets looking at it. Can’t wait to have them grab it. 😉
Me too! RT @MinxGrrl: Mmm I hope someone *tries* (not actually possible I know lol) to spank and fuck the wicked thoughts from your mind 🙂
And I’m there again…*sigh* RT @Persephone_Raya: Photo: OMFG! That is too hot for words! #fucktoyfriday fucktoyfriday: 

Photo: Love this! Crave this! (Getting this tomorrow…) 😉 @willfulenslaved, you are the best! #fucktoyfriday: 
Photo: Another shirt I would love to wear… #FucktoyFriday 
Well worth the pain of the journey to go! 😉 RT @RainBouz: never been there but planning the vacation!!
I have heard that before… RT @FTFMaster: #FucktoyFriday exactly RT @SirTortuga: @FTFMaster “There is no try, there is only swallow slut!”
Last night I used my fucktoy to satisfy some of my dark desires. Tomorrow night I will be the fucktoy and satisfy the rest! #FucktoyFriday
Photo: #FucktoyFriday I can’t wait to wear this tomorrow! 

Photo: #FucktoyFriday Of course I got some white panties, ankle socks, a tie, & more to go with it… http://tumblr.com/xrx1daf7oz
Photo: #FucktoyFriday I tried to beat & bite this smiley off @slut_t. 

Photo: #FucktoyFriday The dreaded, evil Rabbit & Hitachi vibe combo… 😉 
*sigh* “@FTFMaster: Photo: .#FucktoyFriday @SlipperyWhnWhet shows her “Hurt Me” bliss face.”
@mtruth65 Gonna make me go out looking for better socks for my schoolgirl costume all squishy wet and smelling like pussy. Well would anyway
Seriously why don’t stores sell lacy bobbie socks in women’s sizes? Went to every store in the mall! (Thats not saying much in this county.)
Ended up getting a girl’s pair of bobbie socks & white opaque thigh highs with bows. One, or maybe both, will work.
I did do one thing I’ve never done in that mall. Shirt up & pulled tits out. Sizing for nipple jewelry. Oh, wait. Nursed oldest there. NVM.
In this case the shopping has been delightful torture! Shocked some clerks RT @aaahhhdontstop1: @SlipperyWhnWhet I hate last minute shopping
Chatting with one of my Navy boy toys. Yum! He likes the outfit. Talked with another earlier. Didn’t fuck him. Can’t remember why I didn’t.
Asked by @slut_t if I want talk to a new friend. “If I talk to him I will want to fuck him. Your new toy Dom. Enjoy!”
You need one just for you. We will share the rest.
Damn! Emails from party planner driving me up the wall! In a slutty way… 😉
Oh shit! Tomorrow I am the sub… I have been told I will tip the driver for the pizza! #FucktoyFriday
That’s one tamer torment I’ve gotten from two men all day! Both will be in charge of me tomorrow. *shudders & squirms* #FucktoyFriday
I am kind of in a frantic cock frenzy right now. Please try your tweet again later. 😉
I can’t hurt something so perfect. Don’t do CBT. RT @kinky4me: @SlipperyWhnWhet @slut_t wait, I have a cock. And it’s in a ball stretcher.
Cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, me 😉 #FucktoyFriday
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  1. mollyskiss says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh myyyyyyyyyyyy…….you really are a very very bad wicked fucktoy. Great pictures and your loud and proud attitude of your sexuality is to be much admired!