This is the avatar I have had on Twitter for the past few days. (Right now the one that’s up looks like I am licking my own tweets. *giggle*) Someone asked if it was my collar. I said no, but then I thought more about it.

I am a submissive. I call myself a switch, but the sub side runs much deeper. I am not collared. I am not serving any Dom exclusively at this time. I do crave that connection, that bond, though sometimes.

The collar is a solid silver metal band necklace. I bought it to use with my pendant. The collar design appealed to me.

The locket is an antique Mexican sterling pendant I used as a belly chime while pregnant. It makes the most beautiful musical chime when it moves, and the sound always soothes me, grounds me, whether at work or at play. It was lost for a while, but has been found.

Together when worn, it appears to be a collar, with a cute bell charm. It has gotten me several knowing looks from people but so far no conversations have been struck up in real life yet. I guess it’s my “I own myself” collar.

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  1. mollyskiss says:

    Ahhh the 'i own myself collar' i i used to have one of those. I know where Sir's collar with pride……maybe I need to blog about this subject too