Out To Lunch

To say that I was disappointed my plans for Tuesday were canceled would be a serious understatement. I had been so looking forward to it, and just shut myself off from everything Monday evening. Fortunately, I have awesome friends who were not having that at all.

Tuesday morning P asked to see me, and was taunting me with images of him beating me with his belt.  I jumped in the shower, and hit the road. It was actually nice to notice that at the moment I was supposed to be kneeling at The Sadist’s door I was on my way to see P. I was smiling. It would not be a long session, just a long lunch for him, but it was exactly what I needed.

Then a thought hit me. I called T and told her take lunch early and meet me there. I didn’t tell P. I wanted it to be my surprise to him. They hadn’t been able to get together in a while. She agreed, and now my smile was from ear to ear. We got there before him, and when he arrived I told him I had a present for him. He beamed when he saw her kneeling at his door.

Only a moment after we were inside, we were naked and told to go warm his bed for him. Being good submissives, we jumped in the bed and started making it very warm. There wasn’t time for small talk. He enjoyed the show for a few minutes before joining us.

She and I were both beaten with his belt then spanked, and soon she and I were both cuming over and over at his direction. He is very good at using us to please each other as well as himself. I especially enjoyed the 69 with me on the bottom giving my mouth and hands free access to please them both.

You would think that with his cock in one of six available holes at all times and live girl-on-girl porn going on right in front of him that it would be a very quick lunch date. Not with P! And our orgasms continued…

At one point, with his fist in her hair and her mouth on his cock, I decided to fist her. He does enjoy seeing that. Then we started talking about her, not to her, as an object, a toy. I was alternating spanking her, and rubbing her clit while working my hand inside her.

She started to cum again, but much more intensely than I had ever seen. Then I felt it. She started squirting. The liquid felt so hot on my leg and his hand. He and I looked at each other. He raised an eyebrow. I grinned and kept going. “Good girl” I said. Then “Don’t you dare stop sucking slut!” Of course she didn’t.  She is such a good pet. At least she didn’t stop yet. But after cuming and squirting three more times, she was not able to function very well.

I moved up, sliding my body along hers and kissing the entire way as I slipped my hand out. She was still trying to suck him. I whispered in her ear “Was that your first time? And your second, third, fourth?”

She managed a weak “Uh huh.”

I grinned. “I am so going to fuck with you on Twitter now. You know that right?”

At that she burst into a fit of giggles and was unable to continue. I took over worshiping his cock and she moved up to kiss, snuggle, and recover. They were talking while I was sucking. Now I was the toy. After a bit he said “I love to watch the two of you together.”

“You ought to see us work a crowd.”

I tried not to laugh. I tried really, REALLY hard to continue pleasing him. With his cock down my throat, I completely lost it. (For those who have never experienced it, uncontrolled laughter while deep throating HURTS!) I rolled off and laughed and laughed. We all did. It has been said more than once there “If you can’t laugh, then you’re just not having fun.” And it is always fun there!

We continued, ending with her sitting on my face, back to him, and my fist inside her again. With that view, he was pounding my pussy hitting all the right spots. I knew he and I were getting close, and I tried to bring her to the edge but not over. I wanted a three way simultaneous orgasm. She couldn’t hold back though and screamed through hers grinding my face. He and I both came screaming a moment later.

We all collapsed, me in the middle, my heart pounding. Her hand was on my chest, his was on my hip. I still couldn’t speak, but moved his hand up to hers, then placed my hand on both of theirs. Out of all the amazing moments that day, I think that was my favorite. Two of my favorite people holding me and each other.

I glanced at my watch. It was time for them to go back to work. Even though it had only been two hours, it seemed like forever. But it was over. For that day, at least. We left, all grinning. We definitely need to do lunch again soon!

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