Hurt Me Please

Today I was chatting with a friend and had typed “hurt, yes. injure, no.” in response to some comment he had made about pain. As I looked at the comment, I realized how long it has been. I began to crave pain.

As as usually seem to happen when a pain craving hits, The Sadist popped online. We started chatting as well. Usually it is superficial. His schedule is very busy now, and with his son now living at home, I have not been able to see him since the first time. I have stopped even asking. This time was different.

“I am off next Tuesday. Let’s get together.”

My instant response, without even checking any schedules was “Yes Sir.” I would make it work. Turns out it is the perfect day. Then the memories hit. And the anticipation. And, of course, the fear. This guy is very experienced. And the word “extreme” doesn’t even begin to describe him.

This is going to be a long week. I do love the “Fear Factor”, and thrive on that rush from danger, with safetys in place. Last time was only an introduction. He was being ‘nice’ then. And it went well beyond any levels of pain I had ever believed possible! I hated it, and I loved it! There wasn’t any sex involved, and I didn’t miss it at all. It was purely for the pain.

This time will be much more. His comment was “I will really hurt you this time. See you suffer for me.”

Suddenly that smart-mouthed switchy slut that just fucked and sucked 25 guys is quiet. I just feel stunned. I have found myself staring off into space, trembling… I am so looking forward to this! And I am terrified! Let the mindfuck begin…

Here is the story of our first meeting:

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