Girls Night: Beat Me (guest blog)

*Written by @slut_t about me topping her. Thank you. I am flattered. :*

and then i said….next time i want You to beat me, that is how we ended our first alone time together. this is the next time.

the tasks helped. For the non-techno sub, having to figure out how to get the songs from the round shiny things onto the computer and have them play through the speakers was a good distraction, that i accomplished the task made me feel calmer. The next task of preparing the room with the toys is one i embraced happily, this i can do and i got out the suitcase, it holds over 40 lbs of every sex toy imaginable. We know why i have them, they are on loan for now, with orders to use them and we both know how to follow orders. Being together, just the two of us is still new, we both felt our world had tipped a little sideways and we needed to figure out how to walk again, since we are sluts we decided to do this laying down, naked, together. Excitement and wetness and anticipation flowed as i laid out each item, cuffs, restraints, rope, floggers and crops and because there are like twenty dildos i arranged them on the floor on top of the suitcase, all organized for You; later when You said i had done well and that You knew i would get it right this slut smiled.

Then You called, You were getting on the ferry, i left the house and when i got there You were waiting. Getting in the car You asked if i was nervous and i said no and i wasn’t i felt very calm, You said that You were but then You pulled out the collar and said it was for me, You fastened it around my neck and told me it’s story. I remembered that You had brought it with You the last two times we were together but it wasn’t used, with us everything and nothing is a coincidence, it was meant to be worn this night, so pretty the sparkly heart winked back at me when i looked in the rearview mirror. Arriving at the house we went inside and drank some wine and smoked some naughty, talked and relaxed. There is always a moment when you know something changes, there is a look or touch or word spoken and then we were upstairs. I started the music and You set up the room how You wanted it, calling me over to the bed we kissed and You hooked the leash on the collar, put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles, blindfolded me and put in the ball gag and then You tied me to the bed face down. My beautiful four poster bed, You would be the first to tie me here, another long awaited desire coming true for me, so both of us would share another first because now You began to tease me with the crop. Don’t be upset, but i don’t remember much of my time here, i think i just let myself go, i was there for You. i know i came over and over, i know You alternated between pain and pleasure, they are intertwined for me. Then i felt you begin to untie me dragging the rope gently across my skin and i heard the music again and the song was Alice from Alice in Wonderland and i began to laugh, of all the songs to play at that moment that song alone meant more to me than any other, i am the girl who fell down the hole, drank from the bottle and entered wonderland and here i was, tied to my bed, skin tingling from Your touch. But You were not done with me, eyeing the ottoman you moved it over, i got up but did not make it far, sitting on the floor the moment was intimate and intense and You caught it on camera. You told me to get on all fours on the ottoman, You would not tie me down, i was to stay still. The nipple clamps pulled and the chain connecting them was in my mouth, you flogged me and it felt delicious, You got out Your favorite torture device the hitachi and forced orgasm after orgasm telling me to get back up on all fours when i would collapse, ordering me to pull my head up which tightened the clover clamps on my nipples, and having me hold the hitachi against my clit you caught it on camera again. Watching me You saw i almost safe worded, but i held back, we are both the most stubborn masochist sluts on the planet. At some point i collapsed, my clit and body spent.

i think we went downstairs, and You were hungry, i think we smoked and ate something. i remember at one point You said now it’s my turn and i got very excited. i had been given a task, a very special task from my Master. Going back upstairs, i touched and kissed You and had You lay down and i rubbed my pussy against Yours and heard You moan, i began to work my way down Your body, kissing and licking and sucking Your nipples, my hands touching everywhere, i could feel Your body’s response to my touch, Your skin soft and warm, Your breath came faster and moans escaped from Your lips. I slowly began to lick You, Your clit swelled beneath my tongue and i brought You to the edge and backed off, and then i did it again inserting two fingers into Your hot wet dripping pussy and slowly stroked You inside and did not stop licking your clit; as You began to cum i backed off again pulling my fingers out only to put them back in and put another finger deep in Your ass and i never stopped licking Your clit. You came, hard, and then harder, Your body convulsing and when You were still i removed my fingers and caught the moment on camera. Laying myself over Your body i slowly whispered in Your ear “that was for you from Sir”.

i gave You a little time to recover and then rolled You over. As i sat there looking at You i had this overwhelming feeling that i was a little girl and you were my toy and how exciting, You came with accessories….i went over and picked out a few dildo’s, the shiny ones that wiggled and twirled and now it was time to play. And i played with You and made You cum and then cum some more until You were hanging off the bed, Your head was touching the floor and i giggled. Pulling You up i laid You out again, and my mood changed again all i wanted was to touch You and i started again from the top and worked my way down, as i got to Your clit the music playing caught Your attention, Linkin Park, Great Divide and i felt Your entire body shudder, and i knew somehow that You needed something, You needed release. i made You cum, hard and You cried out, at that moment i felt i had had given You what You needed most of all and i smiled.

The rest of the night we spent snuggled in each others arms. The next morning before You left we talked, You wanted some feedback about beating me, I asked “when You are being beaten what is it You want tested, You replied “my limits” and i said, so when You are beating me what do You think i want? You replied “your limits tested”. Yes, i said.

You beating me is not about me. I am simply the object being beaten. When i offer and submit myself to You i release myself to that purpose, it is now about what You feel, what You embrace, what needs You are getting met. Don’t think about me, know that i trust You. The beautiful, hot, amazing thing about this exchange is that my needs are ultimately met in simply being the vessel used.

…next time i want You to beat me.

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  1. Heather says:

    That last paragraph is exactly it. Beating me is not about beating me, it's about your release. I never thought of it that way before, but that is exactly right.
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