Fucktoy Friday 5

*While getting ready for #FucktoyFriday, deciding which avi to ‘wear’, I was already getting squirmy. I couldn’t concentrate to write.

I am not sure I will be able to handle the #FucktoyFriday tweets in this mood. Abstinence from cock isn’t easy for me.

“Good slut” you say as the last load of cum hits my face. Feeling it dripping down my body, I smile.

*Then my muse hit me.

“I need to be fucking torn apart!” I said, begging. He chuckles. “Careful what you ask for slut.” He removes the blindfold.

“Is this what you had in mind?” he asks as panic shows. I turn to him as four sets of hands grab me, lift me, & pull me open.

“No Sir! Please! I’ve changed my mind!” “Tie her to that table, gentlemen. All holes are open, and I want to hear screaming.”

A dozen hands hold me down as even more hands slide rope around my wrists and ankles. I plead with you as you watch, smiling.

“This is my company Xmas Party and you are the doorprize.” As the first cock is shoved down my throat, I hear carols playing.

The crack of a whip behind me. The sound causes me to fight again. “No!” As Jinglebell Rock begins to play the screams begin.

As screams turn to sobs and my struggling stills you lift my chin. “The welts on your back look like angel’s wings. Lovely.”

Lost in pain, at the sound of your voice my mouth opens instinctively. Your cock slips in. “Who drew first to fuck her ass?”

I feel my arms untied. “Spread you ass for this prize winner. There are 99 more door prizes to go pet.” I moan on your cock.

(Sometimes the things that come out of my own head floor me when I read them.)

*Then someone started distracting me.

From @slut_t “Walking down the street to get coffee, caught eye of the hot UPS guy. All he had to say was ‘Come here slut.’”

I open myself & arch my back. Your grip in my hair tightens.I know this will hurt. You pull out to savor the screams again.

“Warm water running over your breasts. I dip my head & my tongue swirls around your nipple, drops run down my chin.” ~@slut_t

It’s hard for regular life to compete with my #FucktoyFriday fantasies, but right now my IMs & emails are even hotter!!! I love my life! 🙂

Apparently @slut_t wants to turn the torture back on me. It’s working. IMs have my juices running down my legs. Excuse me. 😉

*Between her IMs and the hot emails I was getting from someone else, I gave up. I couldn’t think anymore. I had to cum, and did so. Three times. After that I was far too relaxed to continue. There’s always next week…
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