Fucktoy Friday 4

*My #FucktoyFriday tweets actually continued from the audio post here.
Your body arching to feel the crop rub your clit. “Be careful what you ask for slut.” I draw back and the crop hovers.
I hesitate. I’m nervous. Your body is aching, needing to be used, torn apart. This hunger is new… scary… strong…
I bring the crop down hard. You jump & a groan escapes. I gently rub the welt, my first, admiring the look and feel of it.
I kiss the mark and lick up your back. I trace your neck with my tongue. “Beg me to hurt you now.” Muffled, you beg.
“It doesn’t matter if you’re begging me to continue, or to stop. I don’t care. You are my toy & I feel like painting it red.”
I uncuff you & drag you off the bed by your leash. I shove you down face first. You feel the ottoman, moaning. “Kneel on it!”
On display, you hear my camera. “These are your ‘before’ pictures. I may only share them with Sir, or I may tweet this live.”
… to be continued after I decide which to do Saturday night… 😉
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