I have not written about  watersports before on my blog. I have only ever talked about it with two people. For me, it is really crossing the line between fun, kinky sex and the darker, sicker realms I still fear to tread. Some parts of my mind scare me, and I am not sure I want to know what’s in them.

I have swallowed urine before. It was part of a humiliation scene with *that* Sir. I did not write about it.

He had me crawl to the bathroom on my leash and wait on my knees, mouth open, next to the toilet. I was blindfolded and could hear him peeing. Maybe that would be it. I hoped so.

Watersports were on my soft limits list. Those are things I would not really ever want to do, but weren’t completely out of play. He could make me do them at any time if he chose, and I could not say no. It was part of our agreement. It wasn’t like I could have ever said no to him anyway.

He stopped and asked me to clean him. That didn’t seem *as* bad. I opened my mouth and began to suck him clean. I did taste a little, and I wouldn’t call it pleasant, but it was not as bad as I had imagined. Plus, there was still the tastes from the fucking we had just done.

My cleaning him quickly turned into me trying to suck him hard again. He was enjoying the attempt, and telling me what a sick fucking slut I was to suck his cock then. The dirty talk was making me very hot, and I was moaning my replies.

Suddenly, I tasted his pee in my mouth. I started swallowing, without even thinking, and was still sucking. The combination did make him hard. Very hard. He shoved his cock down my throat and the last drops went straight to my stomach while he said the most horrible things.

He pulled out and I knelt there gasping. The verbal assault continued. I felt completely humilated. Completely degraded. So used. So submissive. I was also aroused. I think that was the most humiliating part of all. I did not write about it because I was ashamed of that.

Last night was a completely different experience. P and I have been spending a lot of time together, and not all of is has been D/s. We have a lot of fun together, even when I am not begging for mercy. I coaxed him into seeing me. He was very tired and I promised to pamper him. He agreed. He has never seen that side of me.

After dinner and talking we decided to take a shower. I went in and warmed it up. I also quickly cleaned myself. He came in and I cleaned him sensually, not sexually, washing his back down to his heels. My mood got even sluttier though when the overspray from the shower reminded me of being showered by the hot cum of 21 men. I shared that with him and he smiled as I turned him to face me and continued to wash.

I ended kneeling in front of him, cleaning his feet. He was still all soapy, and I clawed my nails up his legs, inside his thighs, and around his cock. I spent a while stroking and fondling him. I used my fingertips and nails to make patterns in the bubbles from his abdomen down his thighs. Waves, circles, long straight lines… I was fascinated with the designs as well as the sounds and movements they were causing. I could have finger-painted all day, but I had other ideas, so I asked him to rinse.

When he had I started sucking him. I was in no hurry at all, and my only goal was to give him pleasure. I am pretty good at that. Just a nice, relaxing cock worship. I held myself back somewhat, though. I get off on deep throating cock. This was supposed to be for him. Soon enough, though, I was squirming and moaning and cuming. He does enjoy that show, so I guess it was still for him, right?

My hands were still tracing patterns on him, tracing my nails over his balls. With my throat muscles, tongue, and lips massaging him he was doing a bit of squirming and moaning himself. I slowed down, not wanting him to cum yet.

His hand came down and he wrapped his fingers in my hair, gently. He began to piss1. I recognized it, and sucked his cock down my throat, swallowing, and milking him. He peed for a very long time. He was very hard. His cries and groans as I greedily  gobbled down every last drop were so much more intense than the best orgasm I had given him.

I was not humiliated. I did feel very submissive, doing my best to give the most possible pleasure I could with my body. I enjoying serving him so completely, and didn’t just become aroused. I came with him pissing down my throat! Even after he was finally done I continued to suck until I could no longer bear the icy water spraying on me.

Much later, when we were snuggling under the covers he said “That felt better than a thousand orgasms!” Knowing just how hard I can make him cum, I took that as the highest possible praise. This time, I did not feel ashamed (though there is nothing wrong with that in the right setting). I felt very, very proud to do this *for him* in a very sexual, giving way.

1I do have a correction to make. P has pointed out that at this point, he pulled out and began to pee on my tits. I grabbed his cock, shoved it in my mouth, and started swallowing. His memory of this is far more accurate, and even hotter than mine!

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6 Responses
  1. Dustin says:

    While most of this story sounds like a lot of fun, I don't know that I could do the peeing thing. But hey, if you liked it, more power to you. If it feels good, if it feels right, do it! 🙂
    My recent post XDustinEFLX- @SinfulSophia- RIght back at ya!

  2. mollyskiss says:

    This is a great post as usual, full of honesty and openess about your sexuality. This is something that My Sir and I have dabbled with, although my holding his cock while he peed ended up having hilarious consequences……it's hard than it looks, let me tell you, and I have sucked him afterwards and he peed on me in the shower, which I loved…..but I am not sure about drinking it like that. Theat thought doesnt turn me on.

    My recent post Waiting…and Wanton Wednesday

  3. Heather says:

    I always love reading your blogs because they're interesting, but also make me look at things in a bit of a different light. I can't say that I would intentionally try to make him pee down my throat, but I also can't say that I would spit it out. If it's making him feel incredible, who am I to deny him that feeling?
    My recent post XHeather76X- Where is one place you have no desire to ever travel to Why http-4msme-ajB9zV

  4. Dustin says:

    @Heather: If that's something you want to try at some point, I'm okay with that. You know I'll try damn near anything once.
    My recent post XDustinEFLX- @ChutzpahShiksa- Eegahstill somehow not as bad as Manos Id say The Wild World of Bat-Woman was worse- too

  5. I always wondered about humiliation and I hope one day it will be more than just my fantasies…as for the “water sport” I am glad you made the transition and you did not feel ashamed. That's awesome, girl!

  6. mindset says:

    Thank you for this as I know it is in my future! *giggles*