the sluts homework (guest blog)

(This post was written by my current girlfriend after her first visit to my former Owner recently. Starting to sound complicated? It’s fun! I am enjoying this…)

Sir: Speaking of writing I wish to tell you about homework for the slut. 

t: yes Sir

just reading the word homework made my stomach do a flip flop….i was sure i had checked the hard limit box next to the word homework on that list Sir sent me to complete in our first getting to know you chats. while discussing it with girlfriend who had to complete same homework for same Sir, i told her i knew that not obeying was not an option…..

Hello Sir,

As i prepared myself for You at home, i was surprised i felt so calm, the enema (my first) was not fun, but as i was on the floor with my ass in the air waiting uncomfortably i just kept saying yes Sir, im doing this for You Sir. It felt good slipping that butt plug in as i got ready to drive to meet You and sitting with You at the restaurant, i was feeling so drawn to You, like You were reeling me in and i was holding back just a bit, but You made me feel safe sharing and i knew that this and You were what i wanted. When You handed me that little package and instructions and said there was a note inside, my heart skipped a beat knowing that You wanted me, I was grinning the whole time in the restroom stall as i placed that toy in my ass for You. That i did it wrong and had to reach down my skirt for the cord to hand You while standing in the restaurant makes me smile. As i followed You to Your home, the toy in my ass buzzing against that metal butt plug, all my thoughts were on You Sir.

i knew the minute i entered Your home that i was Yours. When You left me on the couch and went to Your room, the mindfuck began and i spent that time realizing, with no hesitation that when You came back i was ready to submit all of me to You. Kneeling at Your feet for the first time, feeling Your cuffs and Your collar being placed, those first swats on my ass, and the first taste of Your cock, i loved all of that, it is very hard to describe the feelings that came with those acts. After You blindfolded me and then asked if i had ever worn a leash, just hearing the sound of it clipping on the collar made me feel owned, that i was completely Yours and i was ready to follow and obey You wherever and however You said,Your pet to use as You wished.

i was truly unaware at the depth of my want and desire for pain, each and every new sensation brought me to a new level of pleasure, Your ability to read me and give me that was amazing. Hearing the words fucking pain slut from You was another defining moment in my sexuality, when you said that i thought, yes i am and surrendered myself to that. When You used the rhythm of the music, i felt it so intimately, music has always been a huge influence on me and affects how i feel things. When i was thirsty and You placed that bowl under my mouth to drink, for a second i was confused, but then felt the chains of the leash against my skin and it felt right. i barely remember You putting me up on that cross, i felt myself get lost in a total sexual frenzy, at one point i remember thinking, oh god when will He let me off this and the next thought was when Sir says so and i just let myself go back into it. The rest of the night is a subspace blur, waking up in the morning still wearing the cuffs and collar i was trying to remember everything that had happened, i couldn’t, it was an overload of experience and sensations until you grabbed my hair, made me suck Your cock and pulled my ass up in the air and began to fuck me again, i was instantly back in that place and it felt perfect to be put in my place. As i knelt at Your feet and You removed Your collar, cupped my chin and thanked me for my submission that meant so much, no one has ever thanked me for my submission before.

Your slut,

after it was sent to Sir i continued to remember things, and the thought that kept running through my head is, how could i of forgotten about that, and that and that; but i haven’t really forgotten anything, it’s all there, the memories popping up as i go through my days and doing exactly what Sir wants them to do….getting Sir on my mind and making me wet.

Sir: My slut did a very nice job with her homework

t: Thank You Sir

and sluts heart skipped a beat again…..

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