No Safeword For Pleasure

*My rambling thoughts about Saturday night in 140 character bits…

Yawn. Stretch. OW! My shoulders still hurt. @sprocket7472, was I fighting THAT hard Saturday night?

Usually when I am a twitching puddle of goo & ask for water, he unties me. I knew I was in trouble when he brought in a sports bottle for me

My arms were cuffed securely to the posts at the foot of the bed. He left my legs free to allow me to fight, to try and get away. He smiled.

Each time I collapsed, incoherent, hanging upside-down by my arms, almost on the floor, he would tell me how beautiful I was, & admire me

When I regained some composure & asked to be freed, he would chuckle evilly, grab my ankles, and haul me back up on the bed for more torture

Dripping water in my mouth when I begged. I fought the pleasure. Forced orgasms. I would slide off again and cum, over & over & over hanging

Excuse me please. I need to go masturbate. I was remembering while writing.

That didn’t take long. 😉 Stretched, hurt, smiled… Now where was I?

Each time I couldn’t get any further off the bed, hanging by my arms, he would turn on the Hitachi and shove it onto my clit. Evil chuckles.

I couldn’t get away, but my orgasms strained the cuffs, ropes, and my shoulders so much more than the fight had. Screaming, arching, cuming.

He would comment on how beautiful I looked, haul me up, give me some water, & begin again. I was screaming that I was not going to safeword.

He laughed and continued to torment me with toys. The last time I heard the Hitachi turn on, I screamed “Don’t touch me!” & fought him hard

He left me hanging and watched me, screaming, squirming. He decided to stop. He grabbed my ankles, pulled me up & THEN began fucking me hard

He was not going to allow me to be done until He was done with me. I was His fucktoy, and safewords for pleasure had been taken out of play.

The orgasm (orgasms?) didn’t stop. My mind kept trying to leave my body & fly. I tried to shut out the sensations. Fought in my mind. Lost.

I do not remember how this story ended. Perhaps @sprocket7472 can fill me in on what happened after this…

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3 Responses
  1. Patrick says:

    This is very hot. Sounds like my kind of night in. Thank you for this.

    My recent post Let Me

  2. iSlut_ says:

    P's response:

    “I left you curled up in a ball, with that odd smile you get. You were there for eons.” 😀
    My recent post Before &amp After