Fucktoy Friday 2

I spent the morning playing #FucktoyFriday with @Saynine and everyone else on Twitter today. So distracting, yet so much fun! I decided to share my tweets here.

Good morning and happy #FucktoyFriday! What a pleasant thing to wake up to. 🙂

You just hold the legs while I slip my fist up inside your slut’s cunt. Let me show you how a woman does it. #FucktoyFriday

Topping both of them (under orders) has messed up my #FucktoyFriday mindset. Driving home. Maybe a hand down my pants there will help. 😉

My face flushes as you tell me to play the video of me fucking all those men. You tell me I did well & you are proud. Prrr… #FucktoyFriday

Hold this chain from the clamps in your teeth & keep it taut. If you don’t keep those nipples stretched I am going to stop. #FucktoyFriday

Curled up in bed. Laptop on watching my personal #FucktoyFriday videos. Chatting with *that* Sir about satisfying my football bet orders. 😉

When they came on me it felt like hot rain. Every drop searing my tingling nerves, cooling & running all over. Hot video. ;P #FucktoyFriday

He fucked me in the ass. I ravaged her. For every time I came she came at least twice. My nails on her nipples… #FucktoyFriday @MattTTF

Fingers wrapped in my hair. You hold me while yet another man prepares to sodomize me. “Good Girl.” #FucktoyFriday http://yfrog.com/5tjfloj

It’s your party Sir. I’m just the ride. #FucktoyFriday

Then I started focusing on last night…

She & I both had another man in our heads too. Serving two Doms together, only one there. I lost a bet & earned the prize. 😉 #FucktoyFriday

She wore panties He picked out for me. My orders: make her cum. I was allowed to use His toy to satisfy the bet. A gift. #FucktoyFriday

“There will be a price for allowing you to use My toy. You will kneel down before Me slut. You will serve My whims again.” #FucktoyFriday

I used His toy to satisfy my Dom as well, placing her on his cock as I clawed her back and bit her neck. “Ride him good slut” #FucktoyFriday

I wrapped myself around her and pulled her back on me, still biting. I pulled her pussy wide for his view, flicking her clit. #FucktoyFriday

Don’t stop fucking him, and don’t you dare cum yet slut. *licks neck, drags nails across breast, & pinches clit hard* #FucktoyFriday

I roll her off both of us and on to her back, settling between her thighs ass up & ready. Time to settle this bet, my way. 😉 #FucktoyFriday

“Lick her to two orgasms. Don’t stop licking” He had said. With a cock pounding my ass I obeyed. He didn’t say stop at two. #FucktoyFriday

Settling the bet was just the beginning of my evening but I am going to stop the #fucktoyfriday tweets there & remember the rest alone. 😉

One more #FucktoyFriday pic. I posted this (http://yfrog.com/5tjfloj) earlier with the story. This (http://yfrog.com/n5mg6xj) is next pic.

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