Fucktoy Friday 1

@saynine How’s this? #FucktoyFriday

My avi choice of the day. 😉

Hand on my throat, eyes locked, stills me, gives me strength. For a moment, I am not afraid. You keep tearing my body apart. #FucktoyFriday

“Good girl. Now lift you ass back up. There’s another man behind you waiting to fuck it.” Prrrr…. (Story behind other avi.) #FucktoyFriday

“You will not get a ballgag slut. Your mouth isn’t going to get off that easy.” #FucktoyFriday @sprocket7472

Tie me to this table, ankles spread, arms out to the side. Lube my holes and hands, and let them in. #FucktoyFriday (And what I want next.)

That last tweet was of my plans for the table I am on in this avi: @SinfulSophia @MattTTF

Blindfolded. Spreader bar. Arms cuffed behind hooked to chain from ceiling. I hear the noises, the voices. I tremble. #FucktoyFriday

Four men lift and turn me and impale me on another man’s cock. “Good Girl. Now lean back & open your mouth. All holes full.” #FucktoyFriday

Fucking HOT!!! RT @saynine: Audioboo: Auido #FucktoyFriday number 1. Don’t Make A Sound.

This is not fair!!! RT @saynine: Audioboo: Audio #FucktoyFriday number 2. On Your Knees Boy.

Mind melting! @saynine’s audio #FucktoyFriday tweets are even more torture!

@saynine My goal was to keep my hands out of my pants this morning.

@saynine To get stuff done, but looks like @_SirP_ was right and I will be crawling around masturbating… #FucktoyFriday

The pain focuses me. There is only here & now. There is only you. I am your fucktoy, your painslut. What are your orders Sir? #FucktoyFriday

@sprocket7472 Sir? Was that tweet for me or are you playing #FucktoyFriday? *anxiously awaits response*

RT @sprocket7472: I’ve bet money on this game. Lots! Your promised blindfolded and naked in the locker room if they win.#FucktoyFriday

@saynine Now I can come out of the corner I had crawled in to. 😉 #FucktoyFriday

Would I want them to win or lose? Hmm… RT @sprocket7472: “Your promised naked & bound in the locker room if the team wins.” #fucktoyfriday

@saynine I got up. My pajama pants are soaked. #FucktoyFriday

“… tweet that pic, with the hashtag…” Yes, Poppa. #FucktoyFriday @saynine

A pic I DMed to Saynine.

This is the time two young maintenance men have decided to crawl around my bathroom. Really. Drenched. Two cocks. #FucktoyFriday

Maintenance is here All I want to do is strip and slide myself in between the two of them. Can’t. #FucktoyFriday

Fuck! Having these men here now is torture! Crawling even… Could only be worse if they were naked & I still couldn’t touch! #FucktoyFriday

Believe me, I would if I could! “@TokenBlakk: @SlipperyWhnWhet You look delicious. Let those maintenance men taste you.”

Even as I am screaming “No” my back arches, my knees move back into position, my ass strains for the next sensation. #FucktoyFriday

I had a bunch of #FucktoyFriday tweets in my head before Maintenance showed up. For some reason I am having a hard time concentrating.

Maintenance is gone. My holes feel achingly empty. #FucktoyFriday

“@TokenBlakk: @SlipperyWhnWhet … Im going to FORCE you to get tasted by those men. And no, you can’t touch them, at all” #FucktoyFriday

@saynine It works on iPhone. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go cum. #FucktoyFriday

I am not owned anymore. ;P “@saynine: @SlipperyWhnWhet don’t you think you should ask permission ;-)”

Poppa, may I please cum? “@saynine: @SlipperyWhnWhet you know I am kidding, but I meant ask me.”

@saynine Thank you Poppa. *sucking fingers*

I am bound. Legs open. I am ashamed and humiliated as you point out my dripping cunt to the others waiting to fuck me. #FucktoyFriday

Still wondering if he’s talking about me “@sprocket7472: Your promised blindfolded and naked in the locker room if they win. #FucktoyFriday”

@saynine I am honored.

@saynine You just made me blush and squirm at the vehicle licensing office. Thanks!

Yay! I am on @saynine’s blog with his hot #FucktoyFriday audio! say-nine.com

Why I’m smiling. Story behind THIS avi. Heard “Good girl. Now lift your ass back up. There’s another man behind you waiting to fuck it.” 😀

Enough said.
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  1. mollyskiss says:

    Wow, this made me hot. What a fucktoy Friday you are! And all I posted about was my wonderful thanksgiving dinner, not the same thing at all, but I was still a fucktoy for Him once we had all recovered from mass over eating! LOL

    My recent post My Thanksgiving Dinner