Sex, Drugz, & Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Do you believe alcohol or any other mind altering substance
enhances or hinders sex?
If you have a story of a good or bad experience, feel free to share it.
Answer here
I believe a small amount of alcohol can enhance the “mood” I am in. But a little too much and I get dehydrated. Not so slippery then. Totally hammered? I have done that many, many times. I did have fun, but don’t make the smartest decisions then. Better to avoid those times. My “drunk slut” days are behind me.

As for other mind altering drugs, I tried a few combinations while working as a bartender decades ago. I always have enjoyed “Droned” sex immensely. I did not like any combination that included anything stronger than weed, though. My “stoned slut” mind is very creative…

I don’t drink or smoke very often now. If I do, the effects go straight to my cunt so I only indulge, in moderation, if I am already in a situation that guarantees both my safety and the presence of a hard cock.
I am hoping to be able to have all of these elements tonight.
So what about the Rock ‘n’ Roll? He is a guitar player in a band… Good hands… 😉
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