Reminiscing- What a Year!

I have been thinking a lot this week about this past year exploring BDSM, and the men that have become such a part of my life, and part of who I am.

This man pictured is one of them. He is my Other Sir, and the one I blame (and thank profusely every chance I get) for starting me down this dark wonderful path. God, I miss him. We still talk, but he is on the wrong coast right now.

Then there is P. He was the one that officially popped my BDSM cherry, a year ago tomorrow. He is the man responsible for “innumerable” orgasms, me calling safewords on pleasure, and tangled hair that just won’t quit! I love going to see him! (The story of our meeting goes up tonight at 12:01 AM)

Then there was Sir. Most of this year was spent serving him. He introduced me to pain, complete submission, and subspace. To this day I still wish I were serving him, but I am grateful to be his friend still and I seek his opinion often as my Mentor. Meeting him is yet another anniversary coming up very soon, and the memories are bittersweet.

Another important man is J. He helped me through my SirDrop and is the lover I see most often. He is a very creative, evil, and talented man. All those pics recently of me on the cross with chains are at his cabin on the lake. As an added bonus, his girlfriend is now my girlfriend. (Sometimes you just gotta have pussy!)

When I need that subby fuckmeat mindset, I see M. I am actually looking forward to the rainy winter months here so his business will slow down and he will use me more! But then, again, it doesn’t matter what I want, now does it? 😉

Most recently there is F. He has given me the missing level of pain I need, and already on my first visit taken me past anything I thought was possible. Wow! Just wow! I can not wait to go back!

One other man that definitely deserves mention here is S. My friends refer to him as “The Rapist” but that is not how I think of him. Now thanks to him, I am interested in the more psychological aspects of BDSM.

So that is the major cast of my past year, each responsible for pictures and tales on this blog. Hopefully there will be many more interesting times ahead!

This does not even include the people I have met online, through Twitter, Facebook, and this blog. New friends to share with, learn from, and hopefully someday meet at least a few of them.

Iona (SapioSlut) commented on a picture of mine a couple weeks ago when I first starting talking about my Kinkiversary. She said “I hope you realise your journey has just begun. If kink is a large room that was looking through the door back then. Now you’ve peeped your toes over the doorframe.” 

I have so much more to experience! And I can’t wait!

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