Pain or Pleasure?

After @NadiaWest‘s post last week and a comment in chat by @MattTTF (from Tending the Fire) about my facial expressions in some pictures on this blog, I was trying to find an expressive face shot for this week. These two pictures caught my eye.
They are obviously taken during the same scene, but they were taken during very different parts of that scene.

In one I am being given extreme pleasure by the Hitachi (as well as other things).

In the other I am being given pain. Lots of pain.

Without looking at the full size photos, even I have a hard time telling which is which. I found it very interesting how similar my responses are to each.
But then again, I am a masochist. That line between becomes less and less distinct, then disappears completely. Pain and pleasure become one… Oh, how I love that moment!!

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