Kinkiversary Celebration

This Friday (Oct. 8) it will have been one year since I officially began to explore BDSM and my submissive side. That story, the one I wrote a year ago, will be published here on Friday. 😉 And it has been one hell of a year!

I had an opportunity to celebrate with the man all of this started with yesterday.

The day started with a little semi-public nudity and beating.
We were so close to people, and I had to be so quiet!
Not easy to do when he started out full swing!
One blow for each month, plus another one for luck, all counted out by me… often hissed through clenched teeth.

Then back to his place for another kind of torture. His kind. He can control my body so well, and has an endless combination of toys at his disposal.

After two hours of orgasms, I was begging for a break. He pinned me with his body, with something vibrating on my clit and something vibrating in me, and just held me there while I begged. I kept cuming, and cursing him. Apparently it was quite amusing. I kept telling him I was not going to safeword, and he kept me pinned, chuckling. Finally I had to call “yellow”. Again. On orgasms! Dammit! He is the only guy that has even done that to me, and he can do that at will.

The rest of the day was for him. I was reduced to being sub-human. I was his fucktoy, his holes, to use as he wished. I existed for his pleasure, no matter which way, and in which hole he wanted to take me. I was a growling, clawing animal… cuming constantly, and flying off the edge into subspace over and over… I could not get enough of his cock!

When I could finally control my body enough to get up, I went on the balcony to smoke, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset together and talked. My entire body was like jello and shaking for hours after. What an amazing celebration it turned out to be!

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2 Responses
  1. patient heart says:

    What a wonderful and joyous occasion to celebrate! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for allowing us to discover, learn and celebrate along with you. Thank you for your touching and sincere photographs. Thank you for your words of genuine experience. It is entirely lovely and courageous a thing, this world of submission, slavery, Dominance and Mastery. There is so much to explore and discover, so much to open our eyes to. If we are simply willing vessels, there are new doors of freedom, new doors of revelation at every turn. Congratulations on your becoming such a beautiful and willing vessel…

  2. Aurore says:

    Nice plug 😉

    That sounds like an amazing celebration!
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