For everything in life there is only one first time. To experience something I have never tried before is always an amazing thing. To be involved in someone else’s first time doing something is also very rewarding. But if I can both do something new and be someone’s first, that experience will never be forgotten. I was fortunate enough to have that type of experience Saturday night.

I did not think I was going to do anything Saturday. I was actually very sad about that. Around 6:30, though, I got a message from P. I got ready quickly and headed out on the long journey to his place. Just before I got on the ferry, he asked if I would like another woman to play with. Oh, hell yes! The night was getting better and better.

I got there and we had about an hour alone before she arrived. I spent a lot of that hour with his cock down my throat, and cuming while doing it. I hadn’t even removed any clothing and I was already having a great time!

He was talking about how the rest of the night would play out. That’s when I found out she had never been with a woman before. I told him I would just be a toy for him to use on her. I would follow his direction unless I really wanted to do something. I was getting so hot and bothered just thinking about all the fun to come!

Finally she arrived. She was very beautiful and seemed very nice. I kind of hung back and let him focus on her. I even went out to smoke. When I came back in she was topless and blindfolded and getting pretty hot and bothered herself. I helped cuff her and when she was naked, he hooked her to the wall, teasing her the whole time. It was so hot to watch him work his magic on her!

With her naked and helpless, he stepped back. My turn! I worked my way down her body and went to work. I love eating pussy so much! There is a different connection for me with women, and she was enjoying herself, too.

Then we moved into the bedroom and she was tied to the bed. He participated quite a bit, I am sure, but I was so focused on her responses I wasn’t paying much attention to him. He didn’t mind a bit. When I reached up and handed him my ring, he was confused at first. Then he laughed. He knew what I was going to try. He moved back to watch.

I have never fisted anyone, or been fisted myself. I wanted to try with her, and her body was eager to let me. When I had four fingers in, I carefully slipped in my thumb. I carefully curled my fingers up and pushed in. Then my whole fist was inside her. And she was loving it! With that connection, I almost felt as if it was being done to me. Working her clit with my tongue and moving my entire hand in, out, and around was one of the most powerful sexual experiences I have ever had. She kept cuming over and over.

There were so many different ways I made her cum, and I was enjoying all of them. He was helping, too, and I was deferring to him but all of a sudden I felt very “toppy”. I do remember he was using the Hitachi on her, and I took it out of his hand, pushed it straight onto her clit, climbed on top with it on my clit too, and began grinding it into her. I was fucking her clit with the Hitachi.

Not long after that she used her safeword for her very first time ever. He and I both laughed, then stopped. Apparently having to call a safeword on orgasms at his place is now a requirement. She appeared a bit floaty, and I covered her with a blanket and told him to come out and let her enjoy flying for a bit.

He went back in after a few minutes and I went out to smoke. I was already feeling like it had been me cuming so much. And now it was going to be my turn! I went back in, and thoroughly enjoyed being pleasured by two people. But then I stopped them and went back to pleasuring her. This was her night, and I wanted it to be the best I could make it for her.

After yet another break much later, she and I turned on him. He had been so left out all night, mostly forced to stand by and watch women cum while taking pictures. It didn’t seem fair. LOL! So between the two of us we made him cum so hard he saw stars. He probably still has that grin on his face!

We relaxed after, laughing and talking, all of us snuggled on the bed. We snuggled a bit too long, though, as I watched the last ferry pull out of the dock just as we arrived. I was stranded! I had to spend the night alone in his condo. It didn’t seem like such a bad thing though after I realized I had plenty of toys to keep me company. I do believe I Hitachied myself into a coma. I do not remember falling asleep. I am still grinning, too!

P.S. Since so many of the would-have-been-awesome pics he took were too dark, all three of us have decided we need to do this again. And soon!

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9 Responses
  1. T (email from her) says:

    Hi, You did

  2. P (IM from him) says:

    You always make me feel like a stud with your posts. It makes me feel good and reminds me of how magical and fun our times are. I'm smiling again.

  3. hubman says:

    Damn, quite the night! Having 1 experience, I gotta say I love watching a woman fist another woman 🙂

  4. Matt says:

    Wow! Great stuff…Love the post and the pics!
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  5. Mrs Mira says:

    I have never fisted anyone and never thought I would want to, but maybe… sexy story and I liked the pictures.
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  6. ~m says:

    Damn! That's a hot night. I'm sort of jealous. I've been on the (unsuccessful) receiving end – so close, but not quite there. I'm still eager to try again – with the right person. Is it pervy of me to admit that I check out hands sometimes?
    My recent post Wanton Wednesday 14

  7. mollyskiss says:

    I sooo want to find a girl for him, so that I can play with her and then watch while he takes her.

    Very sexy post……you made me wet and horny

    My recent post Happy Birthday Sir!

  8. Dustin says:

    Yes, you do! And then when you're done, you can come down to Denver. 😉 😉
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  9. Dustin says:

    Fisting is something we definitely want to try in the future. I just need to get Heather stretched a bit.
    My recent post XDustinEFLX: AkiraYamaoka: I have no idea what anything on that link said but it all looks very interesting. :