Have you been dared to do something sexual? If yes, what was the dare and did you do it?
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I posted this question of Formspring Sunday because I had failed to complete a task given to me on Saturday night. I guess it was technically not a dare… it was more of an order. But I chickened out.

I was supposed to fuck or suck someone at the bar we went to. I was in complete slut heaven, and already so very worked up from watching porn and cuming several times in the car on the way there. The downstairs area of the bar was packed with many hot, young, Navy men.

So why didn’t I do it? I am still trying to figure that one out. I was flirting shamelessly with so many, but just really didn’t have the urge to do any more with any of them knowing what fun I had in store for me later in the night back at her place. None of them really “did” it for me or seemed worth the effort. It may have been different if I hadn’t known I would be having amazing sex later.

Since this wasn’t technically a dare, there will be consequences for not completing my task. I was being informed about those consequences when I was cuming in the car. I think I was cuming because I was hearing all of those things…

More on those things later… but I may have found a way to top last year’s birthday present to myself in the process… 😉
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