13 Questions

(I had a mini interview on twitter DMs today by @intelliSensual. He came across as curious and respectful as opposed to the creepy guys I often run across. I thought I would share.)

My original tweet was: I could really use some cock today… Seattle area… References required. (Not really looking, just venting frustration…)

His response was: cum see me 

Me: and where are you at “World Citizen”? LOL

Him: Haha. Pittsburgh. A tad far. Would u be slippery? Or already there?

Me: already there. 🙁 but yes, too far. thanks for the offer though.

Him: No fuckbuddys for emergent needs?

Me: I have four guys I see plus my husband. And a girl. And the rapist, but I haven’t gone back… You would think that would be enough, right?

Him: For your average woman but you aren’t so average are you?

Me: LOL. I have been told my hunger runs a bit toward the extreme…

Him: Have you ever felt thoroughly satisfied?

Me: hmmm… i have passed out from pleasure, pain, or exhaustion. i have been so sore i couldn’t be touched. temp maybe. usually want more

Him: You wish for more partners?

Me: Actually trying to keep it to a small number. But sucks when none are available. 🙁

Him: Any fantasy left unturned?

Me: my main one right now is a gangbang fantasy.

Him: How many guys? Or an all girl gb?

Me: At least 3 guys but not too many first time. Maybe 5.

Him: Will they use all your holes?

Me: God I hope so!

Him: Are those your fav set of nip clamps?

Me: no. I prefer clover clamps, but those were a gift. the picture was originally for him.

Him: Can you come with pain?

Me: 😀 Yes i can.

Him: Do u need pain to really cum? Ever squirt?

Me: I do not need pain to cum but I do need submission and often pleasure (not always) to enjoy pain. I have not squirt yet but felt close often

Him: Does your hubby give you free reign to choose lovers?

Me: Yes. He trusts my judgement.

Him: Very nice. Perhaps I will find a woman like you in the future.

Him: What type of pain implementation do you relish?

Me: I think right now I like the cane most, but haven’t met a pain I can’t take yet. I know they are out there…

Him: I could cum up with a couple for you. 😉

Me: Oh I know anything can cause pain beyond my tolerence.
Me: just have had partners that take right up to that point and hold me there.

… and then I had to go take a nap to get ready to work all night…

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