Wanton Wednesday: "My First Day As A Sub"

Wow! It has almost been a year. But oh, what a year it’s been!

In just a little over two weeks, I will be celebrating my first Kinkiversary. Even better yet, I am planning to celebrate it with the one that first introduced me to BDSM, the one that popped my kinky cherry. That is his hand print in the photo. My very first spank! *grins*

No, I am not talking about Sir. I did not meet Sir for another 23 days. He was not my first. In fact, he was just supposed to be a one night (and two day) stand. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

So who was before Sir? What was that experience like? I will tell you… on October 8th. 😉 The story has already been written. I wrote it almost a year ago but have never posted it. I think it’s high time I did!

Do you feel like sometimes you want to be a little more than just half naked? A bit more than just slightly suggestive? For the weeks you want to play with the wicked & wanton crowd, feel free to join us on Wednesdays.
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